Luther Monroe Releases His Debut Album ‘State Of The Art’


ABOUT THE ARTIST It’s only a matter of time until Luther Monroe becomes a globally recognized brand name in music. Luther Monroe, born and raised [more…]


The Mystic Underground: “Athletes” – something you’ve heard before that sounds exhilaratingly brand new!

The Mystic Underground blend classic songwriting with an aim set firmly towards the heart and feet to spin melodic tales for the disenchanted, disillusioned and [more…]


Signal-to-Noise: “I Won’t Let the World Become a Prison” – succumb to a feeling of uncontrolled euphoria

Michael Downing aka Signal-to-Noise is an electro-rock artist based in Chicago.  In December 2014, Michael Downing, with a bit of savings and the invaluable support [more…]