Twenty Questions

Exclusive Interview with Lucky Lehrer considered the Godfather of hardcore drumming!

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Lucky Lehrer’s foray into the politics of marijuana was in 1974 working in Washington, D.C., for a freshman Congressman on Capitol Hill. Writing on the [more…]


Chaz A. Chambers: “Colored World” stretches the edges of modern music and rejects genres

Chaz A. Chambers’ ability to create unique sounds essentially gives the record its edge. Chaz A. Chambers is a Musician, Drummer, Composer, and Producer from [more…]


The Jerome Experience: “Concern” alternates between adrenaline musical rushes and absolute sublime chill

The Jerome Experience has set various world records, including Guinness World Records. Born in France on May 7, 1966, Jerome Dufosse Marley was influenced by [more…]