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ysimonis : “Regular N*gga#” An Explicitly Swinging and Smooth Flowing Manner!

On his album, “Regular N*gga#”, ysimonis sounds free from the industry and working with everyone, here he is sacrificing and giving all his hard work just for the fans. The sweet sounds of laidback hip-hop are guaranteed to make you feel good. This style of rap is famous for its sweet and smooth electric keys, subtle strings, and soulful swinging. Ysimonis is a true genius of this style, staying true to it throughout the whole album.

“Regular N*gga#” features only the best in soulful swinging and smoothly flowing beats. One great thing about ysimonis’ sound is its natural feel and real, laid back demeanor.

The swinging, smoothly-flowing manner of ysimonis is what makes this album one of the greatest of its genre this year so far. The highlights on this album include the explicitly sexual “Pussay”, “Head” and “Flash Dem Titties” all of which flow just like the wet horniness ysimonis raps about, not to mention the strong and confident performances on “True-n-False” and “Slippin”, probably the best tracks of the bunch and the slow-bouncing, street-hard track, “Money”, featuring Bm$ and Joker.

Influenced from the opening statement by ysimonis that he is a ‘pussyholic’, the sexual theme runs throughout the entire album, but there is great diversity of sound; jams, mellow, and in-betweens, while the rapping is always spot on.

On “Regular N*gga#”, ysimonis keeps it laidback with some cool tracks perfect for midnight cruising. Musically, ysimonis is headed in the right direction for his style of rapping. This is just one of those albums that keep you coming back for more. Ysimonis somehow balances the perfect beats and bass with the laidback flow and choruses to make some extremely likeable hip hop songs. This album is probably painfully overlooked, and it deserves to be spoken of.

Although ysimonis lays no claim to be a lyrical genius, he gets the job done on the mic, he has a good laid back sounding voice not too different from Snoop’s and the beats are just beautiful. Every song will make your head bob up and down.

 Ysimonis worked hard to make this album perfect and it shows. If you can handle the explicit sexual language or are a true ‘pussyholic’ like ysimonis, you’ll get off with this one!

Ysimonis is probably underrated and deserves much more praise for this work; but at the same time it’s because ysimonis wasn’t made for composing pop-chart-style hip-hop. Bottom line: make the change to something substantial more satisfying, and if you don’t have this album – get it NOW!






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