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Young Pyro: “Respect This Hustle” gets back to what hip hop should be

Young Pyro is a hip hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. He now resides in Norfolk, VA where his quest to have his music heard continues. Young Pyro is founder of a music group called ‘The Grammy Family’ and puts his all into his work. Young Pyro’s lead single “Blow Something” has been critically acclaimed from blogs and fans as HOT.

Young Pyro
Young Pyro

Young Pyro latest 16-track mixtape, “Respect This Hustle”, was dropped during February to an anticipating audience. What I like about this mixtape is that it has a dark vibe to it that makes it sound great. The production matches Young Pyro’s deep voice almost perfectly.  In fact, the features and production alone on “Respect This Hustle” are impressive. Young Pyro however, does not allow anyone to outshine him. This release is so focused and tight that almost anyone else in the game is going to fall short in comparison.

Currently mainstream radio is pushing seriously weak artists and I’ve had enough. If like me, you gave up on radio a long time back and were seriously ready to give up on hip hop as well, remember that you need to dig to find unique and talented artists, because radio is always behind. Right now Young Pyro is one of the few rappers spitting fire! This mixtape is one of those rare finds that you can play from beginning to end without skipping any tracks.

His lyrics are strong and the beats contain some of the best soulful productions I’ve heard in a long time.  Young Pyro is one of the few rappers who has ditched the popular techno beats theory and gotten back to what hip hop should be. My favorite tracks are “Do It For New York [Prod. by Frankensteeno]”, “Blow Something [Prod. by Mark Murille]”, “Pain (Feat. X) [Prod. by Nate Rhoads]”, “Studio [Prod. by Melrose Zee]”, “I Get It (Feat. Diante L) [Prod. by Nate Rhoads]”, “Something Real (Feat. X) [Prod. by Scott Supreme]”, “Take The Loot [Prod. by Lucid$wank!]” and “Don’t Get In Your Feelings (Bonus) [Prod. by Kelly Portis]”.

Respect This Hustle” is a solid Hip-Hop album that rides all the way through; excellent beat production, killer lyrics and flow by Young Pyro, nice soulful hooks, and great consistency with content, from song-to-song. Unlike most albums out now that are a collection of aspiring radio singles thrown together with a bunch of fluff cream fillers and features. Quite frankly, this whole mixtape is fire. The features are on point and each song feels unique. It wasn’t hard for me to sit down and listen to the entire thing without stopping.


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