With “The Last Step”, Souless really shines harder and better than ever before!

From Mesa, Arizona, Souless is a traditional 4-piece band true to the roots of heavy metal. The project was first conceptualized by front man Mark Fowler in early ’07. He began the writing process and the original lineup produced a 4-track demo by December. From the beginning, Souless had relied heavily on the emotional drive and passion spawned from its member’s personal experiences and struggles and continued to do so with the collaborative writing of Mark and his brother Nathan Fowler for their 2010 EP “The World Is…”.  Souless added Madio Gonzales on bass in 2011 and Zack R. Sewell on drums in 2012.

The single cover artwork
The single cover artwork

“The Last Step” is the 2015 single by Souless. To keep it short, this track is simply brilliant. It retains the masterful, driving energy of its predecessors while at the same time revealing, growing lyrical depth and maturity in their song writing. New drummer Marc Vega brings new energy and excellent drumming skills to the table.  Mark Fowler’s vocals are as great as ever as he tears the lyrics from the depths of his being. Anger, frustration, a building rage, and an overall intensity define his vocal stylings. Nathan Fowler’s guitar and Madio Gonzales’ bass both bring a powerful, headbanging groove to the track.

With “The Last Step”, Souless really shines, harder and better than ever before. The strong points on this track are definitely the heavy aggressive riffing, the guitar solo and the killer kick-drum and fills. It’s very rare to find a metal band with no middle ground. They aren’t following the same sound as almost every other metal band of today- that sound more like pop music with distorted guitars.

If it’s Death Metal or Thrash Metal you’re after, Souless can deliver by the bucket load. You’ll love the energy, the aggression, and the power they bring to their music. Throughout the band stays hard and mesmerizing. Souless is definitely a band that is establishing themselves as a rock solid metal outfit.


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