ULUVHOUSTON: “No Destination” – has got the beats and the lyrics, a lethal combo!

Darrin Houston aka ULUVHOUSTON is a 19 year-old engineer, songwriter and rap artist who has been doing music seriously for about 3 years now. Houston records and mixes all of his songs personally while he outsources the beat-making part.

ULUVHOUSTON is one of those unique and special rappers. His music is deep, very personal and candid. Houston is very much down to earth and is not afraid to bear his soul to the listeners. Not only does he rap, but he also sings the hooks to his songs, and he’s actually very good at this!

Just listen to the tracks “No Destination [prod.KidTerrorBeats]”, “Demigod [prod.CashJordan]”, “Her” or “Tired Of Ballin Freestyle”. With sexual narratives, deep stories, and personal tales, and some singing, these tracks are great. Production is tight as well.

Darrin Houston aka ULUVHOUSTON
Darrin Houston aka ULUVHOUSTON

For those of you who don’t know ULUVHOUSTON you should really open your ears to what’s going on around you, as he doesn’t beat around the bush on any topic, notwithstanding his young age.

ULUVHOUSTON comes hard on his songs. He has a smooth delivery and puts much heart into his words. The beats are banging something serious and the hooks are on point. There is a lot of new talent coming out the south and Darrin Houston is one of them.

Obviously I won’t go off and say that ULUVHOUSTON is the top lyricist in the rap game right now, as he is just at the beginning of his career, but what people will realize is that ULUVHOUSTON has the ability to get on a track and make you listen to what he is saying.

ULUVHOUSTON, who also draws inspiration from Drake and Joseph McVey (Z-Ro), is trying to bring a new sound in with his releases. In the meantime he has got the beats and the lyrics, a lethal combo!

If you are a fan of all forms of music and truly appreciate how some of it can truly open the door to your heart, mind and soul…well then you will love this material.


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