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New Earthlings combine the best in classic rock with everything from psychedelic tunes to pure rockers.

The British rock band New Earthlings will release their self-produced debut album on 1 May 2015. The lineup for the album is: Swain – lead vocals, guitar, bass, BV; Geoff Platt – guitar, BV and Tony Salway – keyboards. For the occasion, the band is also joined by Christopher Robin Davy on drums, while the cover has been taken care of by Nick Kennedy.

Tony Salway
Tony Salway

When you purchase a new album you usually expect maybe at max 3 to 4 good songs. However, this group of amazing artists has created an album with all good songs! The album is melodic from start to finish with a definite punch. It is a modern-day take on rock of the late 60s through to the 70s with varying doses of psychedelic, classic and melodic rock thrown into the cauldron, and it works on so many levels. Again, there really isn’t a bad song on the album, and with these guys, you really don’t expect any.

The album kicks off with “(Like a) Jigsaw,” a song that makes those of us who remember when fun, lyrical rock first hit the scene realize that we no longer need to wish for such days. They are back. Swain’s powerful voice soars, and Tony Salway keyboards put a hook in your head, on every turn.


The rhythm section of Christopher Robin Davy (drums) and Swain (bass) is solid. They don’t do anything over flashy, and that’s just fine. This isn’t a progressive rock album where everyone is out to show just how proficient they are on their instrument of choice; this is a rock n’ roll album, with plenty of groove, melody and swagger, topped off by Swain’s amazing vocals.

Of course that doesn’t mean that the rhythm section doesn’t shine, on the contrary. It just means that Christopher Robin Davy doesn’t take over the songs, although he so easily could, he just lays down seamless, steady, luscious, emotive, and essential drum beats. Swain on the other hand, is so absolutely rock solid on the bass lines. He’s always moving and accentuating every little inch of each song. Tony Salway plays his keyboards with so much testosterone in parts it makes you want to sit up and adjust yourself, while Geoff Platt puts his guitar finger prints all over the sound.

Geoff Platt
Geoff Platt

New Earthlings have managed to combine the best in classic rock sounds with everything from psychedelic tunes to pure rockers. While they maintain strong melodies, harmonies and catchy pop influences, there is a hint of experimental sounds throughout this album-whether it’s from odd keyboard approaches or eclectic vocal harmonies, the New Earthlings have created an album that cannot be compared to anything but the New Earthlings.

The songs are the kind that work themselves into your brain and rattle around in there for several days, and you won’t mind at all. They are all standout tracks, but my favorites are “Freedom”, “Illusions”, “Mad as Hell”,“ King Kong ”,“ Oil” and “One More Try”.

Christopher Robin Davy
Christopher Robin Davy

The 10-track New Earthlings’ self-titled album is an example of truly timeless music; it shows why they transcend cultures and generations. This is a must-have album for all fans of 60’s psychedelic rock to classic rock in general. The songs on this album will take you to places rarely visited via the medium of modern rock; their lyrics and sound evoke emotions that will move you from the sublime to the primitive. Listen to the words and let the music penetrate your being; it can take you to a whole new level of rock awareness, if you’ll only let it!

More about the New Earthlings: 

Geoff has been coming up with tunes since the age of nine. Self-taught, first on classical guitar and then electric, Geoff has sought to combine the two and create a style all his own: the nylon-strung electric guitar.

Tony began playing keyboards whilst in primary school and by university had completed the ABRSM piano grades. Tony plays (amongst others) a Yamaha Motif XF8 Synth, Yamaha MOX8 Synth, and had use of the fabulous Yamaha CFX Concert Grand for the album.

Swain has had varied musical tastes ranging from classic rock, through to drum & bass and hip hop. Whilst at University, Swain gained a taste for heavier bands such as Metallica, Killswitch Engage and System of a Down to name but a few. The New Earthlings album is recorded, mixed and mastered by Geoff, Tony and Swain.


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