Michael Tavon: “Sessions Ep” – is vintage Hip-Hop in the pure form of organic beats and intelligent rhymes

St. Petersburg, Florida native, Michael Tavon, released his “Sessions Ep”. The Ep is composed of songs Tavon worked on during 2013. The 24 year old author has decided to take his chances in music, after successfully publishing his novel, “Garage Band : The Legend of Dookie Harris”, last year.  “Sessions” serves as a sample of his potential, as Tavon is setting to release his debut LP “Everything’s Fine” sometime in the near future.

On “Sessions”, Michael Tavon is opinionated and uncompromising without being preachy, as he speaks on various issues that are near and dear to him. He has his street edge, but you can hear the maturity in his message. This is stuff you can relate to. Tavon also selects quality production and there is no exception on this album.  On “Sessions”, you’ll definitely find quality lyrics and hooks, as well as a lot of soul.

Musician and Author - Michael Tavon
The novel available at AMAZON

Hip-Hop has expanded over the years, and is now so broad that any argument about who is best, or what is best, is by large an opinion based on personal taste. The modern day producer is an extension of the old school DJ – an individual capable of keeping the beat as an MC delivers the rhymes. Over the years, there have been numerous artists successfully adhering to this blueprint.

In recent times, however, Hip-Hop has suffered from artists who have no interest in stylistic and progressive artistry as they continue to deliver mindless garbage – less interested with intelligence and more obsessed with self-suppression. Fortunately, some rappers truly care about the game, and Michael Tavon is one of these. When teamed with a variety of super producers, the result is brilliant music. “Sessions” is vintage Hip-Hop in the pure form of organic beats and intelligent rhymes.

Michael Tavon doesn’t compromise his rhyme style. There are no fake accents, gimmick vocal patterns, or dumbed-down content. This is an album to chill to – to think about life; to think about where you come from; to think about where you’re going. That being said, it’s not an ‘overbearing’ or ‘heavy’ project, which is what makes it so brilliant.

From Lullaby {Zoe’s Voice} (Prod. @charleshamilton), Jhene as Superwoman (Prod. 9th wonder) to Placidity {Spoken Word} (Prod. Yosef Shalom and Montego (Prod. Monjon), you can kick back, stretch out and enjoy. The beats resemble live musical instruments much like the classic rap beats from the golden age. The lyrics and content here are creative and the flow is flawless…go check this out!


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