Twin Brian: “BANG! Wolf” – the apotheosis of the juxtaposition between tuneful rock energy and an undeniable melodicism!

Detroit, MI project the Twin Brian started in January 2016. After disbanding Royale, Frank Ritz (vocals/guitar) started the band as a passion project. He writes all the songs, and on their first E.P., “BANG! Wolf”, he was accompanied by Sam Beebe (Drums), they both played bass. During live shows they are joined by Jesse Stringer (Bass). Recently they have decided to get more serious and while Frank is the only constant member, they are officially a band now.

twin-brian-300BANG! Wolf” is a bizarre brew of strong melodies, quiet-loud dynamics, oddball but heartfelt lyrics, and emotional, sometimes aggressive vocal deliveries, which delivers an abrasive euphoria that’s hard to explain and impossible to ignore. It’s that rare kind of indie sound capable of changing how you hear music. The EP boasts classic surreal genre-melding and an almost post-punk and rock synthesis.

BANG! Wolf” is that rare thing that’s a real treat for anyone who loves guitar music. It’s the story and a musical photograph of a band sharing a creative experience, which was “recorded over one drunken weekend in a cabin”, explains the band.

The songs are a sort of surreal painting of something energetic and bold, like a dream. In that way the music is a wonderful escape. What strikes you about listening to this EP is the sheer scope of reference points that are hidden in its relatively brief running time.

From the bass rumblings of opener “Remainders” through to closing notes of “The First Song” we find a band of high intellect not afraid to take risks and have a ball. Time signatures change at whim, verses can last as long as Frank Ritz wants, and there’s no such thing as a grandstanding guitar solo.

twin-brian-350Lyrically the EP represents a high watermark in personal commentary and free-form poetry.  The recording is uncompromising yet extremely accessible. Twin Brian bring hooks galore, tons of melody and one of the best shout-out-loud choruses I’ve heard in recent times on “The First Song”, which to me is the crackerjack standout track of this concise collection.

I think what makes this EP so appealing, is the unpretentious nonchalance with which Twin Brian performs their material. This may have to do with that “one drunken weekend in a cabin”, or just the free-spirited way that Twin Brian conceives their music. I strongly opt for the second option.

BANG! Wolf” is the apotheosis of the juxtaposition between tuneful rock energy and an undeniable melodicism underlying hooks large enough to hang onto any Top 40 chart, though this has very little to do with the redundant pop we hear on radio.

The tunes are catchy and every chord, every beat, every pause fits together perfectly in an easy, natural and unforced way. I’m starting to get the feeling that maybe we should advise some other bands to record their next album during “one drunken weekend in a cabin!”


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