They Made Monsters: “You’re Precious” – spawns everything that alternative synthesized music can be

‘They Made Monsters’ is the project name for emerging solo artist Steve Lock. Steve is from Swansea in Wales in the U.K. He has been progressively creating music since 2007. From a wide range of influences and inspirations ‘They Made Monsters’, has produced a small number of very raw, edgy, fresh and exhilaratingly unique songs.

It’s amazing how much emotion Steve Lock is able to evoke with music so dominated by electronic instruments. And there’s sensitivity on display behind the electro-cool that makes this music far more than the sum of its parts; couple that with an excellent rhythm section, great keyboard textures, and first-rate arrangements, and you have music that never seems to wear out its welcome.

Steve Lock aka They Made Monsters
Steve Lock aka They Made Monsters

Like a universe that explodes from a single sub-atomic particle, ‘They Made Monsters’ spawns everything that alternative synthesized music can be. And it’s not limited to rock, as Steve Lock moves through hip-hop, electro-dance and synth-pop rhythms. “You’re Precious”, the latest track by ‘They Made Monsters’, nearly encompasses all of those styles!

Mix a bit of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Brian Eno and Heaven 17, and out pops ‘They Made Monsters’. I have been hearing synths in music for many years now but nothing like this. This isn’t psychedelic or artsy. This song has an irresistible hook and a beat, as well as being freaky while it rocks!

‘New Wave’ was a woefully insufficient label for a collected mass of synthesizer-inspired musical acts during the time period between the mid-70s and mid-80s. Unlike psychedelia, punk or grunge, there never seemed to be a coherently constructed philosophy behind what was being released by a vast array of popular artists back in the day. But when you listen to ‘They Made Monsters’, you begin to realize that there was some seriously profound subtext at work at the time and that Steve Lock is a new breed of artist continuing that legacy of synth-inspired music today.

“You’re Precious”, is filled with lush rhythms, exacted lyrics and sharp precision. What makes ‘They Made Monsters so crucial, so pivotal in Pop music today, is that Steve Lock is able to introduce the mainstream audience to classic Brit-synthesized music, in an array of styles, better than just about anyone else around, on the indie circuit.


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