The Prototype Live – “The Paradox Universe” elevates everything to a completely new stratosphere!

Prototype is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, producer, stylist, author and sound designer based out of California. She is the mastermind behind the The Prototype Live, which currently has some brand new tracks doing the rounds from the “The Paradox Universe” project. Prototype has an uncanny ability to inhabit a variety of genres but always seems like she’s born to create whatever project she takes on. Her discography is a pure delight for any music fan who can’t sit still with one particular style. Granted, her releases are complex, dizzying, and challenging pieces of work, but the arrangements are so expertly crafted and so tied into a her soul that they are somewhat easy to take in.

Such is the case with “Light Language Pt.1” a classical new age styled composition. Prototype is not so much relaxing as she is letting the vibe take her away – and us along with it.

So much of this song is draped in smooth pads, emotional strings, lightly shimmering guitars, and processed pianos; it almost feels like music that has escaped into a time machine and is sliding across the universe. It is a dazzling display of arresting arranging and beautiful production.

The instruments themselves on “Light Language Pt.1” feel like truly haunting voices, elevating everything to a completely new stratosphere. It is a record you can crawl into, and reflect on the situations, patterns, and emotions of your experiences, and hopefully learn something while giving your soul and mindset a solid workout. With a melodic and atmospheric sound, there is a ton of beauty to discover throughout this track.

The musical diversity needed to sustain interest in an instrumental track is used to its fullest by Prototype. Ultimately, “Light Language Pt.1” feels like a classic new age track in the making, a record that’s as impressive as it is poignant.

Things change drastically on “Nephilm (My Way)”, where The Prototype Live completely switches the template. Here the singer mouths each syllable and feels the shape of every letter as it leaves her tongue, to be echoed across the edgy and expansive rock beat.

The mangled and hissing production is tied down by the momentum pushing beat. “Nephilm (My Way)” is a fierce manifesto delivered with true vision and spiritual force: “You’re in my way mf. My prey thinks that they’ve got me, but I feed on them in the light of day, where everyone can see. I’m not an angel or demon, I’m the obscurity that’s in-between. You do not trigger me, but you’re in my way like a victim,” exclaims Prototype. The pace changes via effortless transitions and the textural aesthetics include the pungent percussive romps.

Thoroughly executed, revolutionary and liberating, “Nephilm (My Way)” speaks for itself, showcasing Prototype at her highest level of creativity. The vocal melodies form arcs of soaring timbres that vibrate in mesmeric motion. Nothing dampens their punch.

The encouraging rock intonations are exalted by the adrenalin-like energy Prototype infuses into the track, which dissolves into a hypnotic pulse. “Nephilm (My Way)” is equal parts a triumph of contemporary rock and a worthy testament of Prototype’s immense skillset.

Instagram: @HelloPrototype
Twitter: @PrototypeLive

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