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The Postals: “Path of the Warrior” brims with electricity and oozes with authenticity

The Postals have dropped their track, entitled, “Path of the Warrior”. All music is handled by Ed Cerbone (Bass, Guitar, Drums), while the vocals are sung by Tim Levine. The Postals has a great sound. A nod to sludgy old psychedelic rock with an emphasis on catchy guitar riffs. The ebb, flow and texture of their crushing assault is sublime. There’s definitely some Hendrix and Sabbath influence to this track.

the-postals-350Sure on the surface you might think that “Path of the Warrior” is nostalgic work, but it’s not. It’s something new and fresh in a very familiar setting. The production has a fresh and vibrantly twisted 70s feel, with some blazingly wild guitar riffs. It sounds like Ed Cerbone is really letting go here, playing with passion and for fun, and having a great time doing it. This feeling translates to the listener, making it impossible not to grin and rock-out alongside him.

In a year when almost every rock band has either wimped out or become a parody of itself, it is refreshing and exciting to hear a song full of such glorious rock and roll noise. If you’re not sold on Tim Levine’s voice, the songwriting, the raw and gorgeous way Tim lays his soul out there on every vocal phrase, and the way Cerbone bends his guitar into submission and makes it bleed, than I’m not sure what to say. But to me this is what rock and roll is supposed to sound like.

“Path of the Warrior” has a gritty, dirty garage-band-type mix and production, which brims with electricity, explodes with passion, and oozes with authenticity. Whoever or whatever you think The Postals sound like, there is no denying the refreshing and vibrant energy and enthusiasm found in the song. I truly hope this translates into an album so we can truly see the direction this collective is ultimately heading toward.


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