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The Omega Moo: “The Sound And The Fury” – True punk-rock that doesn’t sound like everybody else!

Adam Attax, Ian Meek,  Ryan VanderVegt and Jack Love met on a rainy Seattle night where the seductive allure of the Omega Moo’s sweet riffs, crunchy guitar and swirling keyboards entranced the rhythmic monsters and after a series of dark rituals the band currently known as The Omega Moo was born.

Their latest Ep, “The Sound And The Fury” is even better than “Viva The Moovolution”. It’s that good. Every song makes you want to get up, jump around, and sing alone. It’s just flat-out catchy. Many songs off of this Ep will etch a place in your mind for a week or two. Desert Plain”, “First Of Glory”, and “Crazy Bitch” did that to me.

The energy and catchiness of the very subtle pop aspect, teamed with the foot-stomping radical punk flavors always make The Omega Moo a great listen. They don’t waste time with complex chords and elaborated lead solos. They know that embellished chords with heavy distortion sounds muddy, rather placing their faith in power chords that add bite, making their punk, crunchy and punchy.

The Omega Moo’s style can be described fairly well with only three little words. Fast. Loud. Energetic. Technically, the band combines hardcore, punk, and rock to produce a sound that is catchy, upbeat and highly addictive. The band’s lyrics are true-to-heart and straight-to-the-point combined with a pure, unfettered passion expressed through distorted amps and hooky choruses.

Every time I try to find a new band like this, I fail and just come back to The Omega Moo. But that’s what I love about them, you can’t find another. Simply because their brand of punk is catchy, but not mainstream pop orientated. Meaning they haven’t sold out to commercialism just yet. They scream and shout, and still say the “FUCK!” word in their songs.

On this recording, The Omega Moo has assembled an intense set of six songs driven by powerful chords and full soaring vocals, that are even more raw and unrelenting than the “Viva The Moovolution” Ep. There aren’t a whole lot of bands that can do this. Even the most popular punk bands have a couple of mushy songs where you say to yourself “what the heck?” That doesn’t happen here!

They have a certain energy and edge to their music that separates them from the next pop-punk band. If you are looking for easily digestible punk music along the lines of Blink 182 and Sum41, then turn on the radio and stay on that side of the fence. If you are looking for punk-rock and alternative rock along the classic lines of original bands like the Descendents, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat and Hüsker Dü then grab this now!

With so many bands out there giving punk a bad name The Omega Moo is sure to give you true punk-rock that doesn’t sound like everybody else. “The Sound And The Fury” plays testimony to that!

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