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The Konincks: “Lied To You” – a little edgy, with a bit of raw flavor performed with precision!

The KonincksJules Herzog (Vocals) Mike Wegmüller (Guitar) Marc Wermelinger (Bass) Philipp Kost (Drums) – immerse deep into the perplex history of the blues and are not afraid to take on harmonicas and slide guitar riffs. At the same time the band bows down to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the early Fleetwood Mac and the whole West Coast psychedelic movement.

the-konincks-coverFrom the very start, it’s apparent that The Konincks has a lot of mojo and style in their music. Jules Herzog’s from-the-bones vocals send chills – well, back into your bones! So get all slinky in the joint and wax that platter, because their latest single release, “Lied To You,” is sweet, sweet ear candy.

Firmly grounded in blues tradition and immensely talented, The Konincks has the goods. These guys and a gal are screaming out of the gate and nothing can slow them down. Not even the fact that they hail from far away Switzerland. They might as well come from deep into the Swamp counties, as they bring their gritty blues to a new level in this great new recording.

The Konincks have developed a sound all their own that only comes from musicians playing together as a true collective where everyone shares the same musical goal and the song is more important than the individual participants.

the-konincks-400From start to finish “Lied To You” is one beautiful piece of work. It’s a little edgy, with a bit of raw flavor performed with precision – the perfect formula for electric blues.

The interplay between the band and the musicianship is stellar which is a must is if you are to be a success on the blues band circuit. Moreover “Lied To You” has an instantly memorable melody and an even better chorus, while the music is moving, intense, rocking and soulful, with easy to get lyrics. Of course it doesn’t hurt one bit that Jules Herzog has got excellent pipes for bluesy, expressive and emotional vocal deliveries. The roots-based blues music of The Konincks should be required listening, to help people recover from such ‘musical’ travesties such as American Idol, The Voice and The X-Factor…etc.!


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