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The David Sinclair Trio Encapsulates Everything That Is Good About Rock n’ Roll!

‘Better late than never’, in this case, would more than likely be perceived as being totally inadequate as a music reviewer. However, every so often, a truly superior effort slips through the cracks of even the most ardent music fan. I have no excuse but to admit to ‘mea culpa’ in discovering an album 3 years after its first release!

The band in question is the David Sinclair Trio, with their album “Take Me There”, which I found after listening to a track entitled “Living like a Yo-Yo”. This album is simply relentless, with one astonishingly polished and robust track after another. Often we talk about albums that have no filler, but this is one of the few that truly justifies that description.

Take the brilliant immediacy of Ray Davies’ compositions and add that to the textured sensibility of Dire Straits’ playing, now sprinkle in a dose of the Talking Heads’ lyrical genius, and you have an idea of the David Sinclair Trio.

David Sinclair is the heart and soul of the band, writing all the songs, singing lead vocals and playing some great, textured guitar. The man comes across as intelligent, witty, and sometimes just a little more than inquisitive. Though his songs make this the good listen it is the rest of the trio carries their load as well. George Andrew adds some wonderful back-up vocals throughout, and provides solid bass. Jack Sinclair lays down solid beats throughout the album, crucial in a project that depends so strongly on powerful rhythms.

Along the way there are some wonderful guest appearances by Paul Jones (harmonica), Richard J. Parfitt (guitar), Jordan Fish (keys-vocals), Sam Winfield (keys-vocals) and Ben Lee-Delisle (piano). But obviously the cherry on top is the mixing and production by the legendary Robin Trower, on “Living like A Yo-Yo”.

The sheer intensity and the superlative musicianship make this a flawless album. The nine songs cut right to the chase and every note is essential in making this a wholly enjoyable listening experience. If you want to fill out your rock collection with relevant and timeless music, “Take Me There”, is a must for obvious reasons.

Listen to “Living Like A Yo-Yo”, “Years Disappear”, “Looking For The Big Idea”, “Winter Of 2010” and “Motion Sickness” , to grasp why this album encapsulates everything that is good about rock n’ roll!

“Take Me There” is creative enough to shake things up, while also pop-sensible enough to appeal to a larger following than the alternative-rock fans who should already own this album!










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