Tariah: “Good Girl Gone Bad” – a finely-tuned pop performance

Tariah is a young and talented artist based in Switzerland. Her music can be described as inspiring contemporary pop. She is currently working on releasing her first full-length album.  She traveled to New York and Los Angeles to shoot her first music video for her single, called “Whine Up”, which features the California-Based artist C-Tru.  Tariah has now released her follow-up single titled, “Good Girl Gone Bad”.

Swiss songstress Tariah

I listened to this new single off the strength of “Whine Up”, a delightfully clever little ditty and “Good Girl Gone Bad” follows suit: modern pop and rnb mixed with some light Latino percussive vibes and a soaring rock guitar solo. The melody is utterly infectious and so is Tariah’s voice. She’s a powerhouse singer who keeps it restrained, going more for nuance and emotion – and it works wonderfully!

On this track Tariah’s voice has an inflection that the everyday person who may be in love or may be recovering from a broken relationship, can identify with. That is what makes her different from other female singers today.

Tariah is quickly positioning herself as one of the best new independent female artists in 2015. She does not disappoint in her vocal ability as well as in her ability to make you feel each lyric as if you wrote the words yourself. I have always been more partial to good female singers over the past few years and luckily this song is where Tariah’s voice can truly be appreciated.

“Good Girl Gone Bad” has all the makings of a great pop masterpiece: stunning vocals, tight songwriting and a gleamingly polished production. The supporting video for the song is also a visual gem shot by the Coptercam film company. Add that to the fact that Tariah exudes more than enough uplifting confidence and power in her performance to match her sizzling beauty, and you have a hands down, win-win situation.


The lyrics of “Good Girl Gone Bad” are honest, meaningful and poignant and Tariah delivers them with so much emotion, you will feel your heart wrenching with every angry, vulnerable and pain-filled note. However, she still manages to bring a message of positivity and strength within the song, as she sings “I will never ever, ever make the same mistake again”, after giving all her love in a relationship and then being cheated on.

The key to Tariah’s success, over and above the songs themselves, will undoubtedly depend largely on her voice and judging by the sound on “Good Girl Gone Bad”, I can truly say that she has found the right balance; she never shouts or is too edgy or too safe, nor is she too raunchy or too simple. I was actually overwhelmed with her finely-tuned performance on this single.

Tariah is smolderingly sexy, captivating and talented all wrapped up in one. It is really hard not to believe that she will make a lasting impression with “Good Girl Gone Bad!”

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