Sullee J – Rich music, intense lyricism and superb hooks abound on “The Missing Element”

Suleman Janjua, better known by his stage name Sullee J, is a Pakistani American Rapper. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Sullee J has released 6 mixtapes including his most recent entitled “The Missing Element’’.

Sullee J has also featured on the Outlawz mixtape and placed on the Ca$his album – County Hound II, produced by Rikanatti, Eminem & more. Sullee J has been featured on CBS and FOX news as well as notable publications such as The Source, Hip Hop DX, Yahoo News, Kevin Nottingham and All Hip Hop. Plus he has also received rotation on radio stations in Uganda, Russia, UK, USA, France, and Norway.

Sullee J
Sullee J

Sullee J has opened for DJ Whoo Kid, Jay Sean of Cash Money Records, Mos Def, DJ Drama, Waka Flocka, DMX, Travis Porter, Maino, DTP, Lowkey, Dipset’s Hell Rell and many more. Additionally, the emcee is actively involved in charity work. He has given motivational speeches on behalf of Save the Children in Norway and has helped raise funds for St. Christopher’s Home for Children in St. Kitts.

The release of “The Missing Element’’ presents us with a massive project consisting of 23 tracks, countless features and numerous producers. Besides Sullee J, the mixtape name roll reads like an underground A-list – Nikki Taylor, Phrak, Chris Crown, TookDalocster, Young Noble, Hussein Fatal, Panama, Joey B, VibeWitMe, WhoIsParadise, Macabeats, Mastermind DaGenius, Genocide, Mc Remark, Cyssero, BTodd, Wordsmith, YLie, DatBoyBomb and more.

Sullee J comes back with a vengeance on this release. There are no obvious songs that are trying to appeal to the mainstream, they just all naturally do, which I dig. Sullee J has also stepped up his lyricism another level and even though there are several different producers the mixtape aligns very well, which is no easy feat these days.

Despite aligning very well, the strongest aspect of this mixtape is its ability to breach a wide variety of topics and contain a diverse group of songs. Not a single track sounds similar to any others. The beats are impeccable and the lyrics, breadth, range and topics Sullee J breaches are truly astounding. He shatters all of the preconceived notions that may exist on the mixtape and offers all of his fans something to enjoy.

Sullee J
Sullee J

There are tracks that reveal the menacing, the braggadocios and the groovy that will manage to captivate audiences. Sullee J has the uncanny ability to speak his mind, while the songs go from hardcore and gangsta to laid-back and melodic and everything in between. He manages to hold his own within a pool of talented rappers and he has a very distinctive voice and rhyming style.

Sullee J shows his versatility by switching not only between different topics and styles but also his beat selection, key points of the mixtape would be from its powerful opening song,  “Sullee J ft. Joey B, Genocide & Vibe – Underground Koalition” and catchy bangers like “Sullee J ft. Nikki Taylor – Can’t Kill Me [Prod. By Relta Beats]”, “Sullee J – Illusions [Prod. TunnABeatz]”, “Sullee J ft. Rapdisup, Wordsmith & Nikki Taylor – Destined For Greatness”, “Sullee J ft. Nikki Taylor – Reality [Prod. By Noco]”, “Sullee J ft. DJ Fresh – Tum Hi Ho” and “Sullee J ft. Phrak – Deaf, Dumb, Blind”. But the list here could be endless, because every track is banging with the best collection of vocal hooks I have heard in a long time on one single recording.

Among a few others, Sullee J represents a direction in hip hop that is necessary to keep the genre alive within its own root boundaries, yet at the same time make it appeal to everyone else. Rich music, intense lyricism and superb catchy hooks abound on “The Missing Element”.


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