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SPENCE Put Some Serious Work Into “Play Too Much”!

Spence is a 19 year old Rapper/Producer from Jackson, TN. You can play the mixtape, “Play Too Much”, all the way through and just ride. It’s so smooth and mellow while the rhymes and wordplay are intricate and detailed. Spence has the potential to become a great emcee if he keeps it up. This is one mixtape that people will love, and true hip hop heads will certainly enjoy this project.

If you’re looking for a hype album, this ain’t it. This is the stuff you chill or smoke to. It is lyrically great and the production reminds you of an authentic, early 90’s feel. Spence put some serious work into the fourteen tracks that make up the album. It doesn’t sound like anything else being released currently. The production is smooth, the bars are solid. Spence knows how to win; they just have to promote this mixtape more. The more and more I listen to it the more it is becoming a hidden classic.

Once you spin this mixtape, you’re let behind a veil, to catch a glimpse of what real hip-hop strives to be. Slow, coherent, and poetic. From there the man speaks for himself, literally.

Not only did this mixtape meet my rather abnormally high expectations, it exceeded them. It delivers a solid dose of the talented and troubled artist that Spence’s audience will come to appreciate. All the tracks manage to be original enough to reward both his current fans and entertaining enough to lure in newcomers and grip them feverishly.

The strongest aspect of this mixtape is its ability to breach a wide variety of topics and contains a diverse group of songs. Not a single track sounds similar to any others. The beats are impeccable and the lyrics, breadth, range and themes he breaches are truly astounding. He shatters all of the preconceived notions that may exist on the mixtape and offers something to thoroughly enjoy.

I was surprised to find this mixtape really well made. “Play Too Much” features many different producers, including Spence himself, yet they manage to find cohesiveness and the songs flow together well. Something that is hard to do when a rap album has many producers. The album is consistently good, with soulful and jazzy beats that will melt your ears, together with some spectacular vocals.

Like I said, many of the songs are good for the club, for your workout, for your drive in the city at day or night, or even just to sit back and enjoy. Though some of the lyrics get a bit raunchy and explicit sometimes, there are also a lot of personal and deep lyrics. If you are an avid rap listener then this album is for you.

Standout songs to checkout are: “Joy (Prod. Montavious Jackson)”, “Pure Imagination (Prod. Spence)”, “Jackson Freestyle (Prod. Montavious Jackson)”, “Whatchu Mean (Prod. Right Beat Radio)”, “Gimme Yours ft. Sommer James-Gist (reProd. Spence)”, “Lover In You ft. Mecca J (Prod. Spence)”, “Grab My Lungs (Prod. Kam Cartoon)”, “TN to NJ ft. Geno Five (Prod. Right Beat Radio)” and “Never Never Never Remix (Prod. Spence)”.

I believe that this mixtape will succeed and will serve Spence well in the long run in his career!

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