Soraya Ocean: “Manila” – with crystal-clear ease, the melody twists around tantalizing patterns

It’s difficult for me to pinpoint what it is exactly that I find so alluring about this “Manila”, but I think a large part, at least from first listen, is the melody, as well as Soraya’s diverse vocals. Sonically, there is a whole slew of dance and and pop references at play, and it seems Soraya Ocean and her producers are wearing their influences on their sleeves.

Overall, it is an extremely unusual recording that has Soraya straddling piano-driven pop aesthetics as well as EDM influences submerged in dreamy ever-changing moods and tones. There is a lot of sugar on the surface of this recording to tease our taste-buds, but one consistently gets the sense that there is something much more substantial lurking just underneath the melody. Soraya somehow combines a warm soulfulness with a synthetic approach.

Soraya Ocean
Soraya Ocean

Soraya’s voice is pure, honest, and refreshing. With crystal-clear ease, her melody twists around tantalizing patterns. The song seems relatively simple lyrically, but upon closer examination you’ll find that the lyrics actually work on many levels to achieve a deep sort of representational meaning. Soraya’s music has a sense of honesty and realism that is missing from most music today. Her sweet voice will make you fall in love over and over again.

With her vocal and writing talents, singer-songwriter, Soraya Ocean folds our hand into hers and guides us through her mysterious wonderland, conjuring up picturesque soundscapes with “Manila”.

The ability to write gorgeous songs with memorable melodies is a vastly underrated skill in the contemporary music world. Soraya Ocean has that gift of writing songs that hook you almost immediately with their beautiful melodies. And what seems like a down-to-earth personality, together with model-like beauty and poignant songs will certainly be moving Soraya on to greater heights!

More About: Soraya started out by always entertaining her family and friends, singing the likes of music icons such as: Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. She continued her pursuit and musical aspirations throughout her teenage years, writing her own lyrics while learning to play the piano. After graduating from High School, Soraya attended the élite Berklee College of Music where she studied and achieved her Bachelors of Music.



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