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Sonic Nights: “Mirrors” Every Single Second Is Thoroughly Enjoyable!

As brothers, Tom and Arthur, the duo of Sonic Nights grew up providing music for worship services in the churches they attended; they then began writing music and performing around the Washington DC area in 2010. Their life experiences led them all over the United States for music, business, and personal reasons, and Sonic Nights was officially founded in May of 2012. The duo went on to work with two producers in the area, their debut EP “Mirrors” is the result of that period in time.

Sonic Nights has since grown into something much larger than solely a musical act through their music blog and artist services. They are currently recording a sophomore EP at their private studio in Virginia and will be traveling the country again performing at both local and national festivals as well as traditional venues.


As a whole, Sonic Nights have created a beautiful Ep with “Mirrors”, which is both familiar and unique at the same time. They crank out phenomenal bang-on-your-steering-wheel beats, while not trying to come out and rip hard rock on every song; in fact the melodies strike many endearing chords.

Sonic Nights are melodic, rock and roll, pop and punk, all rolled into one. They have an awesome overall sound, solid lyrics and great pace. But it was the superb musical arrangements and production qualities that ultimately convinced me. It is here that you can savor the duo’s untapped creative expression turned into real substance.

“Mirrors” contains 5 fire-hot tracks, with seemingly every song a potential hit.  It all starts out with the great opener, “Back In My Head”, which is the perfect song to open this Ep. From there on out it builds through the “Girl Next Door” before leading to my favorite, and absolute standout track, “All These Monsters”. The riff-ridden, anthemic, stadium-rock sound works so very well here, making the song inspiring, emotional, moving and just great to rock out to”!

The two closers, “Friday Night” and “Lead You On” never let up, keeping the breathless momentum going right until the end. There is something very special about this band! You can sense a positive, energetic approach to the Ep. Every single second is thoroughly enjoyable!

“Mirrors”, is one of the best Ep’s that I have heard this year so far, regardless of genre. Each song is unique in its own way. The production is amazing. The lyrics are warm and heart-felt. The guitars, drums, and bass will blow you away. Heaven knows how many steps forward their sophomore EP will take them. I can’t wait!



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