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Russian Roulette: “Out Of Control” – a journey through the band’s harder edge while progressing to their melodic side

Russian Roulette is a five-piece band from Toronto, Canada. The group performs original hard rock and heavy metal material, releasing its debut EP of four hard-hitting, powerful tracks in 2015. The band is made up of Jeff McGoey – Vocals, Zane Ryder – Drums, Anton Scorp – Bass/Vocals, Ilia Uretsky – Lead Guitar and Kosta Salenkov – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals.

Russian Roulette is full of pounding Heavy Metal arrangements, but the vocals never stray into the hardcore I’m-the-Devil department. Instead you get driving music with quality singing. These guys are as Hard Rock as it gets. Unlike the infestation of unlistenable pop hard rock bands that dominate the radio today, the guitars are set free in Russian Roulette. Ilia Uretsky and Kosta Salenkov share the 6-string duties and blister their way through the songs.

Russian Roulette Live!
Russian Roulette Live!

These four tracks on their EP, “Out Of Control”, can essentially be broken down into three different-yet-all-equally-as-important sub-categories: 1) The pure power ballad; 2) the mean and metallic hard rocker; and 3) the songs that fall somewhere in between and are a mix of those other two subsets.

The tracks are arranged very well, as they usually follow-up a feather-lite melodic venture immediately, by brilliantly offsetting it with a neck-bulging slab of aggression, and do so without ever losing track of the song’s central groove or fluidity.

“Paralyzed” slams right into a very heavy, propulsive, and aggressive mosh pit anthem that is long on hefty, chug and churn guitar leads and bellowing vocals, before slowing into softer melodic interludes and then returning to the crunch. “Out Of Contol” is also a noteworthy track for being highlighted by one of the best and most memorable guitar solos that Ilia Uretsky attaches his name to on this selection of songs.

Of the standouts, “Jail” tattoos really memorable clean melodic vocals to a bed of heavy, grumbling guitar and bass riffs, and tacks onto an unforgettably big, fist-pumping, and concert-ready chorus and bridge for good measure. But with that said, it is actually “Drown” that for my personal taste is deserving of being the band’s lead single. It is a superbly heartfelt and infectiously melodic tune that is filled with an impressive range and clean singing throughout by Jeff McGoey. Not to mention the superb drumming by Zane Ryder and the distinctive bass lines by Anton Scorp.

These 4 tracks on “Out Of Control”, take you on a journey through the band’s harder edge while progressing to their more melodic side. Yet even at their most vulnerable, Russian Roulette still kicks some major ass. Their effort and sheer talent truly shine through every tune. In fact, there isn’t one song I do not enjoy, and the band has quickly risen to being one of my favorites!

Russian Roulette
Russian Roulette


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