Robert Smith Band: “Alive and Free” is music with a wonderful message!

From the earliest days, expressing worship through music has been on a trajectory. You can trace it from its beginnings, through the years, and up until now. It will not peak until the day that Christ returns but all that has gone before has surely led us to this place. Who knew that combining rock and worship could be so powerful? Worship is our response to God’s revelation. Worship is personal, but Robert Smith and his Robert Smith Band make it collective. Robert employs musicians who are committed to “ushering people into God’s Presence via music,” and succeeds in creating songs that are so inviting that people will sing along.

One of the band’s latest tracks, “Alive and Free”, is easy to get into but has real depth. Modern worship can be narrow in scope, but you’ll appreciate the subtle diversity found in both the lyrics and music. The song may be typical of the genre, but the yearning for God and recognition that He is all we need is movingly evoked. There is a good balance between the extolling of His attributes and the cry of our hearts to know and love Him. Robert explains that the song is about rising above survival mode and tapping into what God offers – Life. This song is based on Galatians 5:1.”

Robert Smith
Robert Smith

The rock influence in the music is felt throughout and adds a unique texture. This track is not just great music; it is music with a wonderful message. Something that’s hard to find in so many Christian singers these days. Robert Smith sings with real heart and his message brings you right to the God he is singing about. Smith is doing modern worship as well as anyone. He is among a select group of the new generation that is declaring God’s praises.

The single, “Alive and Free” is like a banner waving high with an anthem-like chorus accompanied by explosive guitars. A powerful God calls for powerful worship, and this song conveys it. I don’t know much about Robert Smith Band, as this is my first real exposure, but it’s awesome. It’s not just the raw vocal stylings – the organic sounding instrumentation is fantastic as well. The modern rock arrangement makes this production one worth having.

Robert Smith’s vocals are emotive and sincere, and he never over sings, which is something other artists should also take note of, you don’t need to hit every note in four different octaves to make a song memorable. His songwriting is spiritual and never leave doubt about whom they are written – Overall this is a great production by one of the better young artists of our time; Christian or otherwise.

Music Credits: Vocals – Robert Smith, Guitar -Robbie Smith, Bass -Dakota Gillette, Drums -Jayce Keffer. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jayce Keffer.


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