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Rick Tryfle: “Singularity” creates a vibe that’s both primal and futuristic!

Rick Tryfle who currently has 2 singles available for download on the major digital platforms“Fetish” and “Singularity”.  The latest Dubstep influenced track, “Singularity” has a central theme which deals with ‘technological singularity’, or rather, the hypothetical advent of artificial intelligence, where computers or robots would theoretically be capable of recursive self-improvement (redesigning itself). Through this piece of music, Rick attempts to explore the potential critical outcome of such an event.

Rick Tryfle
Rick Tryfle

Throughout the track, Rick continues to impress as he expands on the powerful robotic theme, mixing a larger array of pitches as well as other sounds. “Singularity” is energetic, driving and powerful without the beat being ridiculously abrasive, as Dubstep sometimes tends to be.

Rick Tryfle is a master at sound manipulation and he is doing it in a way that is musical. His sounds are absolutely original and always keep you guessing as to where he’ll take it next. Many people dismiss Dubstep as simply noise and not true music. On “Singularity”, Rick discredits that argument.

Sure, by its own design, Dubstep will usually assault your ears with a barrage of hard-hitting synths and soul-bending beats. But Rick Tryfle does it almost sweetly! The sounds are also mixed so intelligently, it never gets stale. Rick almost creates a sound that transcends its genre, creating a vibe that’s both primal and futuristic.

“Singularity” is an awesome and amazing expression of Dubstep, as the different non-abrasive sound layers are woven together with skill. If you like this genre, you simply can’t go wrong with this track!

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MORE ABOUTRick Tryfle has always fascinated by music and the ways of creating, changing and touching it. He started off with turntablism in his early career. Back then exploring the turntable as a musical instrument and learning scratch techniques was the most important thing to him.

Rick became more and more attracted to the technical side of music and read books about mixing and mastering audio, as well as synthesizer theories. Combining his knowledge, experiences and emotions in his work, his style of music became more and more electronic.  Rick Tryfle’s music retains some hip hop influences and turntablism is an integral part of his style, which could be described as electronic, ambient, dubstep and/or future beats.


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