Piperlain’s ‘I Feel the Sun’: A Melodic Journey into Radiant Bliss

In a world where music can weave emotions into golden tapestries of sound, a luminous duo known as Piperlain emerges as a true beacon of indie music brilliance. Picture this: a tranquil blend of indie, alternative pop, and folk-rock, layered with vocals that ignite a wildfire of emotions. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Piperlain – a musical realm sculpted by the gifted union of singer-songwriters Benjamin Knight and Rebecca Voorn-Knight. These artists have woven their creative spirits together, giving birth to the enchanting aural symphonies that are Piperlain. It’s not just their melodic prowess that sets Piperlain ablaze; it’s the very essence of their musical journey, a journey that’s been lauded, applauded, and celebrated. Piperlain found themselves thrust into the electrifying finals of the B&T Madweek Battle of the Bands, where Sony themselves couldn’t help but applaud their prowess in live performances and songwriting finesse.

Fast forward to the present, and the duo has unveiled their latest jewel, a single that radiates like the first rays of dawn – ‘I Feel the Sun,’ nestled within their captivating EP ‘Shine on You.’ The song bursts forth with uplifting verve, a sonic tapestry woven with delicate threads of optimism and textured beauty. It’s a creation that materialized within the confines of MusicPro Farmstay Studios, a secret haven concealed near the majestic expanse of the Warrumbungle National Park in western New South Wales. Engineer Paul Iannuzzelli lent his expert touch to the recording process, rendering each note with perfection.

But the story doesn’t end there. This masterpiece embarked on a transformative journey across continents, landing at the hallowed Abbey Road Studios in London. Here, the song underwent an alchemical metamorphosis, overseen by the skilled hands of engineers Frank Arkwright and Geoff Pesche. The result? A sonic gem that sparkles with unparalleled radiance.

With every note, Piperlain has woven a musical spell that beckons listeners to embrace the sun-drenched auras enveloped in the tender embrace of folk enchantment. The track unfurls like a dream, where organic rock and pop influences meld seamlessly, painting a canvas that resonates with an idyllic atmosphere. As you immerse yourself in this piece of music, you’ll find echoes of warm days, hopes reborn, and a promise that anything is possible.

Such celestial harmonies haven’t gone unnoticed. Industry luminaries and media connoisseurs alike have showered ‘I Feel the Sun’ with accolades, recognizing its exceptional artistry. It’s an embodiment of Piperlain’s sonic philosophy, that encapsulates the full spectrum of their songwriting prowess. Something which they had already exposed on their 2021 EP ‘Time,’ a collection that showcased the duo’s boundless creative scope. ‘Time’ emerged as a contender for an AIR Award in 2022, while Piperlain themselves graced the illustrious stage of the 2022 ARIA Awards.

The journey of ‘I Feel the Sun’ began with the turning tides at the end of the Covid-19 lockdown. Imagine the scene: Benjamin Knight, one-half of Piperlain, perched on a veranda at Emerald Beach in Northern NSW. The world had emerged from the depths of confinement, and as the storm clouds parted, the sun’s embrace was felt anew. A forest glistening with raindrops became his muse, breathing life into the heartfelt lyrics of ‘I Feel the Sun.’ It’s a tale of renewal, a testament to the power of nature’s embrace, and a love song to the rejuvenating touch of sunlight.

As the chorus unfurls, you’ll find yourself carried away on a current of emotions, basking in the refrains that exude warmth and serenity. The forest, a symphony of nature’s melody, glows as the raindrops dance upon its leaves. With each note, the feeling swells, a crescendo of emotion that asserts the day as one’s own. “I feel the sun shining for you, here by my side, guiding us through,” sings Rebecca Voorn-Knight beautifully, capturing a sentiment that’s both universal and deeply personal. It’s a reminder that even in the coldest of days, the sun’s radiance can pierce through, thawing away the solitude.

As ‘I Feel the Sun’ unfolds its final refrain, a cascade of “ahhs” and “na nas” carries the listener through the mesmerizing tapestry, as if inviting you to join in a collective embrace of nature’s wonders. The forest’s glow, the rain’s iridescence, and the unstoppable growth of feelings – all are intertwined in the song’s embrace.

‘I Feel the Sun,’ is a lyrical voyage through nature’s symphony, and an anthem of human resilience. Piperlain, with their divine harmonies and poetic finesse, have breathed life into a composition that beckons us all to savor the radiance that life offers. As the echoes of this spellbinding melody reach your ears, take a moment to bask in its brilliance, for Piperlain has gifted us a timeless sonic masterwork that will forever warm our hearts.


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