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Phobez Apollo: “Your Body” – out of the ordinary and beyond any category!

Chicago Pop Singer-Songwriter, Phobez Apollo is a classically trained vocalist and professionally trained dancer. Phobez offers a unique package that will be making waves in pop music. Combing music, fashion, and art Phobez unleashed his talent to the world in 2014, with the release of his critically acclaimed smash single “Coming Back To You”. Followed in 2015 by his 6-track EP, entitled “11:11”. Now Phobez Apollo is back with the single release – “Your Body”.

phobez-apollo-yb-350On his previous releases, Phobez Apollo provided listeners with a brand new vibe that we had really never heard before from modern Pop artists. “Your Body” is no different. Except that Phobez has definitely stepped up his vocal game since “Coming Back To You”.

In my humble view, he seems to have that ‘certain’ quality that makes him instantly likeable. When I first got a chance to hear his debut single, you could literally hear the effort and skill he was putting into his presence and vocal ability, and now we’re finally getting a chance to hear even more of his musical growth (and experimentation) on “Your Body”.

This current effort is tight all the way. Phobez incorporates popular urban motifs into the beat and vocal delivery that average fans of hip hop and R&B will know, causing a sly smile to appear on their faces. Highlights abound in this pop piece but more importantly, no lowlights.

phobez-apollo-yb-350bI’m so glad he focused on a banging melody, powerful basslines and that emotional vocal tone he uses, since that is what hooked me onto him in the first place.

Phobez Apollo is one the most original pop artists I’ve heard in a long time. He has courage, in that he comes up with stuff that is so out of the ordinary and so beyond a category that it doesn’t make sense to compare him to anyone else.  In the 3 and a half minutes of “Your Body” Phobez explores a subtle variety of R&B sounds, including neo-soul, Hip-hop, and full-on modern-day Pop.

He sings his lyrics with true soul that blends perfectly with the individual theme. Phobez is capable of any fancy vocal sounds, in a range which is never-ending, keeping listeners feeling his every word. Phobez Apollo has an amazing voice and possesses brilliant writing ability. Such quality proves that he’ll continue entertaining for many more years.

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