Mistah Meech: “Here Comes Now” – a sound-enriching experience of body banging rhythms!

The 14-track album “Here Comes Now”, which has been composed, produced and arranged by Dan Mechem at Studio 4 West in Venice, California, is a project fronted by a two dimensional animated drawing – Mistah Meech.

This highly-anticipated “Here Comes Now” album, from new animated EDM superstar Mistah Meech, delivers many massive roof-raising dance anthems – drawing from a myriad of styles – all smashed and mashed together perfectly by producer Dan Mechem.

mistah-meech-album-400A plethora of adrenalin-gushing samples, synths, sounds and beats invade every track – which seemed to be stuffed with as much tasteful goodies as a thanksgiving turkey. Old school, new school…no school, you name it and Dan Mechem aka Mistah Meech, has delivered it in bucket loads here.

From the electrifying opener, “You Can’t Stop The Groove” and the euphoric “Shake Your Body” to the psychedelic-influenced “Happy Pill” or the electro-rock floor-shaker, “Come in From The Rain” to the laidback swing of “Feel The Pressure” and the ethnic-tinged rhythms of “Wasting My Tears”, Mistah Meech covers every EDM-lover’s musical inclination. No BPM has been left unturned in Dan Mechem’s quest to fill dance-floors from coast to coast. And it succeeds in every aspect.

Mistah Meech has been able to produce thick soundscapes punctuated by driving drumbeats and energizing vocals. The sum total of this is a quality album with solid replay value. “Here Comes Now” is an awesome and amazing expression of dance music that transcends the total of its subgenres. It’s like electronica meets alt-rock in a sound-enriching experience of body banging rhythms.

“Here Comes Now” is an absolute must have for long-boring road trips, parties at the local club, full-on stadium dance raves, and for your personal mental satisfaction!

Dan Mechem aka Mistah Meech knocks it out of the park with “Here Comes Now”. This is an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of dance music, period.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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