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Mirko Pirozzi – “MOZAMBEACH” – instrumental prog-rock with some twists!

Mirko Pirozzi is an Italian composer and musician who plays piano, keyboards, guitars and bass. Mirko has recently released his 16-track instrumental rock album, “MOZAMBEACH” featuring 10 musicians and real live instruments, including alto and tenor sax as well as the violin.

With numerous time changes and intricate musical passages “MOZAMBEACH” is just about for everyone who appreciates spirited, rhythmical instrumental music. All the musicians involved in the project are proficient on their instruments, the songwriting skill is superb, and the tunes are timeless. For the novice to instrumental rock, “MOZAMBEACH”, would be a good starting point.

“Eat a beach” is the album’s in your face opener with great over-driven guitar, bass, and synth interplay. It seems like a fairly standard prog-rock song, but being from Mirko Pirozzi, there is just an added dimension of awesomeness that I can’t quite explain. He mixes the complex with the simple in such a way that it sounds unique in every manner possible.

Mirko Pirozzi
Mirko Pirozzi

“Barman idiot” a fun upbeat tune. One of those tunes where the banjo sticks in your head all day. “Rain and she was gone” showcases a lighter sound to the music, while “Nightmare hotel” is a powerful instrumental jam. “The cat is the governor” is stunning featuring a great intro that turns into a full-out rocking tune slowed down briefly by a wonderful intricate middle section only to blast back into awesome verse riffs.

“Morning” slows it down into an almost Alt-Country ballad mood, while “Just a day” moves into jazzy territory, featuring the piano and saxophone.  “Puppet theater night” shows once again the power Mirko Pirozzi and this band has – a grooving tune, great drumming, sublime guitars, and a superb interaction between the musicians; probably my favorite track on the album.

“Reduction hole” showcases Pirozzi’s synth against a driving rhythm and again some great drumming. The song is complete with a very juicy guitar solo. “Owls playing fiddle” and “Why your hairs” are another two standout tracks that close down the album.

“MOZAMBEACH” has plenty of masterful progressive rock to spare, but is also quite accessible-sounding in most places. Mirko Pirozzi puts out some of the most provocative, fascinating, and musically complex arrangements in varying progressive rock styles, but he also has alternative, psychedelic, and even shoegaze influences in his music.

“MOZAMBEACH” displays the unexpected virtuosity, inventiveness, and talent of Mirko Pirozzi. In the current electro-dominated musical scenario Pirozzi is a very unique artist, and hard to make comparisons with. Regardless of his genre though, the music here is engaging, nicely structured with good dynamics, and a great overall, almost live atmosphere. If you like Progressive Rock in general then it is definitely worth picking up a copy of this album!


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