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Miriam Crespo: “Thierry’s Song” -Imbued with deep emotion and sentiment

“Thierry’s Song” is a lush, lyrical, rich mixture of melody, harmony, and lyrics that somehow captures a moment in our existence.

A handwritten letter from a guitarist gave Miriam Crespo the necessary metaphorical kick up the backside and the much needed encouragement to present her music in a universe far beyond colorful striped shower curtains and sound-proof air raid shelters. Her first gig occurred in the summer of 2012, followed by dozens of live shows, on stages across Europe – including a little detour to a US debut at the Utica Music and Arts Fest in upstate New York. In 2013, “this is not a demo – this is an EP” marked the debut release for Spanish singer-songwriter Miriam Crespo.

“Thierry’s Song” is the first track from the upcoming full length debut album “in the bones all along” which will be released in the spring of 2015. When a close friend’s husband ended his life over the Christmas holidays, “Thierry’s Song” poured out and wrote itself within half an hour,” said Miriam.

“Thierry’s Song” is a lush, lyrical, rich mixture of melody, harmony, and lyrics that somehow captures a moment in our existence that leaves pain, guilt, anger and many unanswered questions in the lives of the ones affected;

miriam-crespo-300they built his house
quite close to the water
and to the moods of the tide
he easily gave in

sometimes he rose
and sometimes he retrieved
he was quite difficult to grasp
but oh, so beautiful

why did you turn off the light?
now I can’t see you no more
you know I
don’t like this darkness

but I guess it’s the only way
that you can get some rest

Miriam Crespo paints a rich picture of musical imagery with a depth that borders on the magnificent. That may sound somewhat dramatic for an Indie-folk piece, but “Thierry’s Song” is Indie-folk like no other. Imbued with deep emotion and sentiment about a suicide and its consequences, the piece is really something that many people can easily relate to. The overall arrangement of music, lyrics, and her sweet voice is somehow quite magical within its sadness. It simply captivates.

Like many of us raised in the sixties and seventies when truly great folk singers abounded, we know that recordings such as “Thierry’s Song” can serve more than one purpose. On the one hand, we can appreciate the artistry, the discipline, and the emerging maturity of Miriam Crespo. While on the other, music such as this is so intertwined with specific moments and memories in our lives that one wonders whether this is the greater influence.

miriam-crespo-400Miriam Crespo’s beautiful voice, singing impassioned thoughts deeply touches the heart. “Thierry’s Song” is great music to listen to when you want to reflect over the important things in life.




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