Michael Tavon: “Everything is Everything” stands out from the bunch

After releasing his “Sessions Ep”, St. Petersburg, Florida native, Michael Tavon, has now dropped “Everything is Everything” his debut full-length debut LP. The 24 year old author of ‘The Legend of Dookie Harris’ has decided to reach his audience through their headphones before relocating to Atlanta. “Everything is Everything” is compiled with 15 smooth-jazzy records that showcases his lyrical prowess and playful delivery.

Michael Tavon
Michael Tavon

Few superlatives will come close to describing how great this album is. From the opening moments of the album, there is a sense that what you’re about it hear is going to be different. When the sounds of Intro About Everything (Prod. Cam O’bi) hits your ears you are flooded with multiple layers of sampled pianos, horns and drums. Tavon’s flow just couldn’t fit any better with this beat, and that goes for every song. It literally sounds like Tavon’s voice is an instrument handcrafted to become another layer of each featured producer’s beat.

This is one of those albums where there are no highlights; simply put the whole album runs as a seamless blend of music that is one complete highlight. I’d be lying if I told you there weren’t tracks that I like better than others, but I’d also be lying if I said that I ever skip to these tracks. Some of the tracks that I liked better? Lowrider Spaceship (Prod. Dru B.), Tululah (Prod. Alias), Hero ( The Groove) (Prod. Sean Taylor), Life’s a Beach (Prod. ill WIll & Dante Desperato) and Good Morning Ft Tjaru (Prod. Monjon).

Apart from the variety of producers, the album has no features. So what you have is a unified and focused lyrical vision that translates into one of the best musical experiences you can have with hip-hop.  As a rapper Michael Tavon has an exceptional comfortable voice and flow, he is technically tight, with storytelling as his strong side. He reinvents what a lyricist is capable of, bringing new meanings to the terms reflective, introspective and conscious.

The soundscapes are filled with jazz inflicted melodies, mellow samples, breaks and lots of soul, while Michael Tavon delivers so much heart, soul and sincerity, that it makes the whole album sound profoundly personal. Tavon blends all these elements together flawlessly, and that’s really what makes “Everything is Everything” stand out from the bunch.

The content balances material which is both serious and playful in nature, as Michael Tavon has an uncanny ability to use the music to create the mood he wants his listener to feel. This is one of those albums that you must have if you are building a varied hip hop collection.

Don’t forget to also check out Michael Tavon’s book trailer too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_0AzhrBU8w


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