Michael Reddington: ‘You Find Out On Your Own’ – Alternative rock with an underlying Brit-Pop flavor

This is a polished set of powerful, sensitive songs of haunting beauty from Michael Reddington

Hailing from a working class Irish background, Michael Reddington grew up in Nottingham, England. In March 2012, Michael was in a life changing accident where his big toe was ripped off by an escalator in a shopping arcade. It was around the time after his accident that his song writing took on a new lease of life. Filled with a drive and self belief to follow his dreams after this life changing event, He began taking his music on to the live circuit, playing regularly to packed crowds in the Irish pubs and clubs of Nottingham. ‘You Find Out On Your Own’ is his Debut EP.”

This is a great EP in a way that sneaks up on you. You’ll listen and like – you’ll come back and like it more, and more, and more. ‘You Find Out On Your Own’ works because the melodies and lyrics are so strong, and the production stays out of the way. Brooding, simple, sincere, real. The material is subtle – and you’ll come back and appreciate it for a long time to come.

The Ep cover artwork
The Ep cover artwork

Alternative rock with an underlying Brit-Pop flavor – not unlike Oasis – especially on the title track, Michael Reddington delivers wonderful tunes that pack a serious punch. This is a polished set of powerful, sensitive songs of haunting beauty. One gets the sense of being in hands of a master songwriter in the making – dare I say? I could go on about each one of his songs in such a way that is inescapable once you sit down and listen. Of course it has all the enjoyable aspects of just pleasant music that don’t require you to analyse every song. But if you would just take on the task of understanding out what happened to Reddington before writing these songs then this recording would become so much more than just a compilation of well-crafted songs.

With tracks like “You Find Out On Your Own”, “Monotony Labotomy” and “Uniform”, Michael Reddington shows that he is an amazing talent on the verge of establishing himself as a great songwriter. This is an EP with lush electric arrangements and unforgettable melodies, and I think what the EP ultimately proves, is that Reddington knows how to beautifully craft his Brit roots with American alternative-rock influences into a style all his own, bringing passion an integrity to his work.

Everything about Michael Reddington – his honest ‘working class’ voice, his ability with a hook or chorus line, and his lyrical audacity, is way above the pack. I think “You Find Out On Your Own” hits to all fields – and sends out more than enough to make audiences sit up and listen! That he will build momentum and popularity over time is inevitable…


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Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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