Love Ghost: “Quiet Voices” – sonic sanguinity and lyrical self-awareness!

Love Ghost is back, and their latest single release, “Quiet Voices” is grand and focused, elegantly layered, delicate and dramatically impacting. The track, with lyrics written by Finnegan Bell (guitar and vocals), deals with self-doubt, jealousy and betrayal, and how the voices in your head can lead to self-destruction. Love Ghost is completed by members Mya Greene (Viola and Keyboard), Ryan Stevens (Bass and background vocals) and Samson Young (drums and background vocals). What really impressed me was how memorable it was for a once listen through, which also may say something about the density of this work. The band shows the concentration of craftsmen who delight in intricacy and a willingness to sling strictly personal narratives, expecting that listeners will engage with layers of emotion.

Love Ghost stint on curvaceous melodies, plush vocals and sweeping buildups, along with glimpses of heartache and echoes of a more sumptuous, more optimistic alt-rock future. “Quiet Voices” arrives and pushes its music further both inward and outward, toward the cryptic and toward the voluptuous.

Its secrets and anxieties are gorgeously wrapped in crunchy guitars, throbbing basslines, banging drums and bone-chilling Viola motifs. Love Ghost emphasizes its influences as they arrive full-bodied, and not attenuated by way of being indie.

“Quiet Voices” presents a rich wealth of melodic finesse, which, with its rhythmic flourishes and darkly harmonic twists and turns – makes for borderline grandstanding stuff. The shrewd shifts and almost-imperceptible tonal changes capture the band’s knack for exquisite chord changes that reward a keen ear.

Love Ghost have once more mined majesty from honoring the craft of the song, not to mention the profound air of alt-rock wanderlust that is forged when the rhythm and the melody bang heads, delivering many moments of brilliance that Love Ghost notch up at times to a realm of straight-up virtuosic finesse.

“Quiet Voices” has all the vibes and parts you’d expect—the jagged somnolence and oceanic swells, the bright, churning chords stabbing through the mannered rhythm like spikes. Throughout the record, the words are emotional pathways through which the melody travels from one sweep to the next.

They dive into a fuller sound that is still intricate, layered, and fit for playing arenas if they chose to. The comfort and familiarity Love Ghost has amassed by playing together pays off in spades as they tear through this complex arrangement, fully in step together. They weave their strengths together in a balance difficult to achieve and impressive to listen to.

Love Ghost are ready to rule the indie music world, infusing the world of alt-rock culture with their unique blend of sonic sanguinity and lyrical self-awareness. The quartet has an inimitable way of allowing their lyricism to complement their instruments, and vice versa.

Nothing is supplementary; the one would not wholly exist without the other. The group’s latest single, “Quiet Voices”, reintroduces the world to Love Ghost in a way that is cognizant, melodic, and achingly enchanting. It is a sweeping achievement for a band that has already achieved quite a bit throughout their brief career. “Quiet Voices” was produced by Carl Restivo (Tom Morello’s “The Atlas Underground”).


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