Lil Dream: “Voss” – delivered with pulse and a self-awareness!

Lil Dream is an alternative hip-hop artist from the Washington DC area. His seven-track project “Swipe Rixh 2”, is a melting pot of musical inspiration that describes his experiences as a young man living the fast life. Lil Dream co-produced three songs on “Swipe Rixh 2”, and engineered the project in its entirety. Producers on the project include Good Intent, Pentagrvm, Captain Crunch Beats and Moonman Johnny. Fellow artist Lil Gray makes a guest appearance.

Lil Dream has also released a video for the single “Voss”, which is available on YouTube. If there’s anyone who for some reason hasn’t listened to Lil Dream until now, this single is the perfect place for them to begin their adventure into the rapper’s multicolored discography. It’s effective at reinforcing the qualities that makes him what he is as an artist.

Plenty of rappers are shaped in Lil Dream’s musical mold in 2019, but few of them can duplicate the wordplay, the storytelling and acute observations, turning them into captivating creative assets. Lil Dream sings an architectural Auto-Tune melody through synth-glimmers and seismic bass-swells.

He shows a sense of vision, a melodic gift and an ability to convey his messages directly to the listener. Steadily building a layered and detailed cinematic landscape out these elements. The purity of the water, the contaminating effect of the drugs, the pervasive aspects of the bitches, and all the allusions to the characteristics of hedonism runs wild in “Voss”.

“Voss” never sits still, and it never remains in one groove for long, as Lil Dream lets his eccentricities shine through, with an effortless knack for sharp hooks and lines. From a first listen, “Voss” seems to follow the same fleshed-out blueprint as modern rap’s more successful hits; verses containing references to a life filled with excess, and ultra-melodic.

But at the heart of it all, Lil Dream seems more focused than many of his contemporaries. Rather than throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks, he actually attempts to find a consistent theme and delivers it with a great flow and rhyme scheme. And he’s doing so with pulse and a self-awareness.

Lil Dream understands his music, and fully recognizes his technical abilities. Hence he is able to balance and blend the two, into something ear-catching, but also intelligible, and moreover, intelligent. The production also motivates Lil Dream to bring the same vibe and energy to the track. It’s clear that he makes his stylistic choices wisely.

When you have the ability to live however you want you get songs “Voss”. The track is an integral part of “Swipe Rixh 2” – his first full-length project in over a year – which opens a new chapter in the book of Lil Dream’s musical escapades. But this latest section feels like all of his styles have come together to give out his best recorded effort thus far. The music hasn’t felt this real and thought out, and you can feel the difference on “Voss”.


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