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Konner: “misc.tape” – another dimension of hip-hop!

Konner’s “misc.tape” is an example of real underground alternative hip hop, the kind of underground alternative hip hop that you won’t ever find at your local CD store. The type of underground alternative hip hop that is so underground, underground alternative hip-hop fans don’t know who he is. With that said, this isn’t a particularly good or bad thing. It shows two things. First, it shows that any emcee as radically creative as Konner, underground or mainstream, will be shunned by media everywhere. Second, it will simply be a shame that anyone with as much talent as Konner is slept on.

konner-400Ultimately newcomer Konner is a talented, 19 year-old rapper from LA, who is so opinionated, he will whittle his fan base down to a select group of people – and that’s a good thing. Any artist willing to stay true to themselves and not compromise their messages is an artist worth listening to.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things I don’t like about this album, without a doubt, but ironically, but I can’t complain. You get a one-way ticket into the mind of a revolutionary, and when I say revolutionary, I don’t necessarily mean an exclusively politically active emcee. I mean an outspoken emcee, and to many people, such a person is irrational or even frightening, but regardless of first impressions, do not allow yourself to pass over Konner.

Konner spits what he wants with absolute precision. Targeting everything from people to places to things…categorically and explicitly!

Every song has production that outlines the message of the song incredibly well. The beats are somber and dark, sprinkled with dialog sound-clips meant to evoke emotions. No matter what the production, what the sound or what the lyrics, everything about this album is shaped to one thing; the message, no matter how abstract that message may appear to you at first. And to be even more cryptic, all Konner songs have simple one-word titles, like “Initium”, Clouds”, “Unpossible”, “Sinkhole”, “Grounded”, “Sky” and “Fuck”.

After your first thorough listen to “misc.tape”, you’ll look at hip hop in another dimension. And your mind will literally BE in another dimension. Though not an altogether ‘easy’ listen, Konner is a must for any real alternative hip-hop lover who wishes to move away from the beat-oriented, lyrically drained rubbish thrown at the majority of people through the mainstream music industry. It goes to show once again, that real creative and challenging hip hop is found underground.


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