8 Shows for Musical Theatre Lovers

For fans of musical theater Broadway is a mecca and a place to aspire to go to. Choosing your favorite musical is like deciding between which arms you like the most as the choice is so varied and the quality so high.

Many musicals nowadays are household names such is their popularity. So, we thought we’d compile a list of the top ten shows with the help of americanacademy.co.uk.

Phantom of the Opera

The longest running show on Broadway and one with a huge history that began over a quarter of a century ago. The story tells one of a disfigured man who haunts the Paris Opera House. He falls in love with a woman and then trains here to sing like an angel. It’s a huge show and one of the most popular ever.


The longest show until it stopped running in 2003, Cats has been translated into 20 languages and has been shown throughout the world. Another huge show that is still many people’s favorites. It ended on Broadway in 2003.

Lion King

The Disney film is one of the longest running on Broadway and still a very popular show by all accounts. It’s won a number of awards in its time and especially appeals to younger children and families. An excellent show and one that’s well worth visiting.


Not on the stage as long as any of the aforementioned, Wicked is a top musical and has been threading the boards since 2007. The musical has broken a number of box office records and was named Best Musical of the year by a number of large magazines. It tells the story of Oz before Dorothy and is a fantastic, must see show.

The Producers

This fantastic tale of two producers that set out to create the worst film of all time won the most Tony Awards ever and is a highly acclaimed musical. Written by Mel Brooks, the tale shows how the terrible film becomes successful. There are some hilarious moments and brilliant jokes that have made their way off stage into popular culture.


Having won 6 Tony Awards, hairspray is one of the top three musicals to have ever done so and is a fantastic portrayal of the cultural tensions in the 1960s in the USA. It shows one girl’s campaign to racially integrate a famous television show and is a fantastic, telling musical that everyone should see once.

A Chorus Line

A classic that has won a number of Tony Awards and has been revived. It tells the tale of 17 dancers that share their personal lives as a part of a chorus line.


A fantastic tale of two celebs who are trialed for a murder and the found not guilty. It’s one of the longest productions in the famous street and highly acclaimed.

These are just some of the most notable and best Broadway shows and ones that many aspire to see and act in.

Why not let us know your favorite below in the comments.

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