Grim Reality Entertainment presents the second studio album by Cali G – “High Xpectations”

Grim Reality Entertainment presents the second studio album by Cali G titled “High Xpectations”. The album is produced by M. Green and has guest appearances by: Sonny Jonez, JP Tha Hustler, Big IQ, P Stacs, Crystal Jackson, Yung Trim, Twocees, Dr. Edrum and more. Cali G was born and raised in Pomona, California. In high school Cali G excelled at sports. Unfortunately, trouble with the law and prison sentences subtracted him from pursuing various opportunities, but did allow him to delve into music and hip-hop, where he started to pattern some of his lyric writing after rap icons Bone Thugs N Harmony, Twista, Tech N9ne, Brutha Lynch Hung, and similar artists. He also later perfected his writing style focusing on hook writing, harmony, and melody.

calig-high-350 Once out of prison he began recording his music. He performed his first show with California based hip-hop label Grim Reality Entertainment (GRE) in 2013 and soon after was signed to the label. He has since gone on to release two albums for GRE, “G Classic” (2014) and “High Xpectations” (2015), both receiving critical acclaim and overseas sales in Japan, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Cali G’s swift flow and knack for harmony is nearly unmatched in the independent hip hop community. Cali G’s music is both hype and chill at the same time and his ability to tell stories just adds to his catalog. “High Xpectations” can be listened to in a myriad of moods. The beats bump like none other making this music that you can ride to.

When Cali G rhymes you can understand each word he says, while he rarely ever gets monotonous or boring on the mic. In fact his rhymes are so great that you sometimes will use the repeat button. He’s that good.
The beats on “High Xpectations” are nothing but top notch, making sure that Cali G rises above the rest with this album. To be honest this can be categorized as a true classic, one of those albums that change the game, as it comes out with a totally different sound, thanks to Producer M. Green. A quick listen to tracks like “My Little Porno Star (ft. Big IQ)”, “Really My Bitch”, “Keep It Real” and “Time To Die (ft. Hustler & Robert Mulligan of GodPawn)”, will convince you how creatively different these songs are to your usual commercial beats.

calig-high-coverI’m sure that even music fans that do not appreciate rap or hip-hop, will be impressed with the musical quotient available on this album. Add that to the fact that Cali G has perfected his flow, delivering his lines so on point like he calculated each syllable one by one, and you have a winning album.

Now take all of that and sum it to standout tracks like “What Happened To The Music(ft. Chystal Jackson, Twocees, And Yung Trim)”, “Prison Blues (ft. Neno Duvall)” and “Can’t Call It (ft. Crystal Jackson & Big I.Q) and you have 14 tracks of flawless music. The flows challenge your perspective; the lyrics question your ideals. “High Xpectations” is exactly where rap needs to be right now!

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