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Kleyn Kutt – “Good Morning World” displays a fully loaded arsenal of engaging lyrics and beats!

Louisville native Kleyn Kutt’s vast range of influences include Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson and Mos Def. Learning to play piano at an early age, hip-hop artist Kleyn Kutt knew that music would be his future. He got into production in 2005 after a chance encounter with RokaMic and by 2008 Kleyn Kutt fell in love with the rap game. A few months ago, he released his debut EP “Good Morning World”.

Kleyn Kutt
Kleyn Kutt

To tell the truth, I think that giving “Good Morning World” a 5 Star rating isn’t enough. In other words, this album is nothing less than a underground Hip-Hop classic. I listened to this EP faithfully and I seriously believe that Kleyn Kutt is way underrated. I heard somebody say that 2015 has not been a good year in hip hop. I disagree with that sentiment; you just need to turn the radio off and listen elsewhere. Before I even get started talking about this EP, just let me tell you what the bottom line is: go buy this right now.

With clever wordplay, inspiring subject matter, and a deviance from mainstream hip-hop, Kleyn Kutt will emerge as an unofficial voice of the rap purist. Throughout “Good Morning World”, Kleyn Kutt displays a fully loaded arsenal of engaging lyrics through introspection, battling, and spirituality.

Kleyn Kutt is at his best when his rhymes speak to the listener in a poetic and sometimes prophetic like manner. A perfect example of this is the EP’s opening track, “Open Up Your Mind ft. Peace”. Versatile and talented, Kleyn Kutt also lets guests, ranging from Peace, Johnny Juliano, Dubb and Jurel The Deity to Freddie Joachim and Mannie Russell shine.

Kleyn Kutt
Kleyn Kutt

A lot of emotions come to mind for me when I hear this EP. On “Mary Jane ft. Dubb & Jurel, The Deity” and “Baby What’s Your Name? ft. Johnny Juliano”, he chose to tone things down a bit and address what’s important over mellow, but soulful beats.  But even these tracks are greatly outshined by the insightful “My Breakdown Lady ft. Freddie Joachim” and “Chilling ft. Mannie Russell”. All of the time Kleyn Kutt is on point, and gets razor sharp on the final cut, “Until My Ass Is Rich”.

These tracks are evidence of Kleyn Kutt’s talent as a story teller, which is the heart of hip hop lyricism, as well as his motivated, positive attitude. His rhymes are smooth, and his lyrics are strong. Unlike many rappers Kleyn Kutt gives the listener a sense of real life. He never raps about trivial material things.

Moreover it is the great cohesion of lyrics and beats that makes this an outstanding EP. This versatile and progressive musical ambience, courtesy of the knob-twiddling by Producers Oddwin Beatz, Raisi K., Johnny Juliano, Freddie Joachim, Protege Beatz and Dope Boi Beatz, mirrors Kleyn Kutt’s lyrical tone, serving up a nourishing blend of beats and rhymes.


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