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Kaylin Roberson: “Sad But True” a dusky alto voice capable of ranging as far as the emptiness of lonely can go!

Kaylin Roberson has surpassed the 3rd round of the XFactor, the 2nd round of NBC’s America’s Got Talent as well as the 3rd round of The Winner Is. She was also honored with the 2015 Girl of Merit Award at the Girls World Expo. Her training includes vocal coaching with Johanna Boberg and Clay Aiken, acting lessons, piano lessons and dance classes with greats such as Ade Obayomi and Gina Starbuck.

At the age of 16, Kaylin Roberson is well on her way to fulfilling her dreams of stardom that were almost taken away when at only 9 years old, she was viciously attacked by a dog, resulting in reconstructive facial surgery. Kaylin has somehow turned tragedy into triumph and is taking the industry by storm.

Kaylin Robertson
Kaylin Roberson

If you haven’t heard of Kaylin Roberson, that doesn’t matter. Get her track, “Sad But True”, anyway. You will enjoy the sound of this track because it is so well done in every way – but do not stop there. You have to get her previous works as well to see where she’s come from musically. She has an incredible, strong, lovely voice and she is quite an awesome songwriter. She is just a terrific interpreter of songs too. If you check her out on YouTube you can find some of her live performances there.

“Sad But True” is poppy, without sounding manufactured or formulated. The more I listen the more I can’t stop singing the song in my head. The recording grows on you and gets better and better each time you listen. Armed with a dusky alto voice capable of ranging as far as the emptiness of lonely can go, with “Sad But True” she delivers a blend of alt-rock/folk/country. A masterpiece of poignant reflection on lost love. This tune examines the highs and lows, the loss and redemption. Far and away her best work, I’m years away from my last heartbreak and still find myself welling up.

“Sad But True” manages to be both emotionally deep and very accessible, and an easy to identify with type of song. Kaylin Roberson is an introspective songwriter and possesses a voice that covers the whole range of human emotion. She melds all that into songs that have the potential to be commercially successful while still not compromising artistic integrity. I highly recommend this beautiful, honest piece of work.


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