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Josephina Whatley: “Explode” Short on Gimmicks but Bursting with Attitude!

From Birmingham rising star Josephina Whatley aka Jodi Whatley describes her music as fun and youthful while at the same time signifying deep meaning. “Music is about stories. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still fun. I never choose a song that I can’t relate to in some way, form, or fashion. My music always reflects who I am,” she says.

Josephina’s heart is in R&B music, she also credits actress and pop diva singer Beyoncé as an influential role model to her. ”Beyoncé was this young teen star out of a small southern town she pushed, and although many doors opened for her in her career, she also created doors. I am able to draw from her story being from the south myself. I find her life inspiring. Like Beyoncé I am a triple threat .I don’t mind showing all facets of my talents .I want to be known for doing different things rather staying in a box. Music to me is about fulfilling your inner story teller.”

Having been involved in chamber choir, church choir, girl groups and various musical throughout middle school and high school, Jodi is no stranger to a stage. Josephina has had the opportunity to perform in a variety of places, from her hometown church in Birmingham to Caesars Palace Hotel in Vegas.

Recently we grabbed a listen to some of Josephina’s work. Songs like Green Door, Mercy, Go 2 War and Explode. And it is clear that Jodi Whatley is determined to make a name for herself with her debut single, “Explode” . Josephina has a world of singing talent. Packed with beats to make you bounce and harmony that touches your soul, her edgy voice, style and range, shows her versatility.

28-year-old Josephina Whatley is one of the newest members to the R&B game. With so many pretty faces, and so little talent jumping off radio airwaves and video stations, it’s hard to believe anybody’s hype unless they deliver it live and in the studio.

Josephina’s single is undeniably fresh in delivery and in vocal styling, though it is obvious that Beyoncé’s influence can be heard in her phrasing. But the girl can actually sing and has a broad range throughout her songs. Short on gimmicks, but bursting with attitude, soul, and genuine individuality, Josephina Whatley proves that the R&B genre is certainly expanding in terms of its risk takers.

Apart from “Explode”, all the songs are quite good on her debut here. The next step would be for Josephina Whatley to step up the production values to an outstanding level on her new releases, which will clearly distinguish herself from the other talented female R&B singers around, making it all very interesting to see where she goes from here!



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