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“Jiggle It” by FlyLyfe Swagga Featuring J Vicious and Ys Jholmes

“Jiggle It” featuring J Vicious and Ys Jholmes is another good effort from FlyLyfe Swagga! He’s been doing his thing for more than a minute now, so it’s good to see him put out another great studio effort. It’s a really solid single right out of the gate, and as you’d expect, there’s lots of clever wordplay from FlyLyfe Swagga, who once again lays his ‘dirty’ hands on this booty bounce song.

 One thing this single does not do is try to be intellectual; in strong contrast to recent albums predicating sociopolitical messages. With “Jiggle It”, FlyLyfe Swagga sets out to make you have a good time down at the club.

What FlyLyfe Swagga does do is display boundless skill as a rapper. His delivery is loud, forceful and clear; he is able to spit rhymes with great rhythm and flow. Moreover this track is sonically correct…the music behind the lyrics is very refreshing and powerful!

On “Jiggle It” featuring J Vicious and Ys Jholmes , FlyLyfe Swagga continues to display his evolution, as he did on “Bend It Ova”, and luckily for us we get to reap the benefits.

FlyLyfe Swagga has a deft rapping style that switches up often enough within a song so that whenever you start to feel comfortable he brings something new, either musically or lyrically. He obviously pays a lot of attention to his beats. As they are crisp and really let the listener focus on the lyrics and musicality of each track.

Overall FlyLyfe Swagga has shown that he’s going to get stronger with each release. Enough said!


FlyLyfe Swagga a.k.a youngdon originates from New Orleans, Louisiana. He has a southern hiphop/rap style, and knows how to rock the crowd when he performs on stage. From club anthems to conscious music, this southern artist is truly unique and versatile.  FlyLyfe Swagga got his start at the age 16 and had his first performance at the Howling Wolf, at the age of 22. Regarded as a veteran in the game, he has truly started from the bottom. At one point FlyLyfe Swagga lost his love for hiphop and became a manager, helping other artists in the game, but through friends pushing him to get back, he couldn’t resist staying away from the mic for too long.

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