JezzyMan – “Bloody Roar” – Prioritizes quality production, explosive lyricism and rich melodies

Currently there are a handful of artistic individuals, who consider modern hip-hop to be a transition to a new sound, and are striving to bring their own unique take to modern-day rapping aesthetics. One artist that prides himself in proving his talents with these methods is JezzyMan. The L.A. based hip-hop artist exhibits consistent, flashy wordplay and expert delivery on his tracks. Prioritizing quality production and explosive lyricism with each music release. Now he goes one-step further on “Bloody Roar”, expanding on his sharp-toned, vibe-filled, and focused lyrical style. Here JezzyMan once again shines through the tracks on this 10-track album, combining richly layered melodic incursions and futuristic beats with expansive tones, manufactured to blow the mind.

With hard-work ethic and strong determination, it seems JezzyMan yearns to prove his penmanship and technical performance with each release. He utilizes smart wordplay, loose narratives, and a set of alternating deliveries to provoke thought, inspire, and ultimately captivate audiences.

The opening track, “Lava Lamp”, immediately brings an extreme form of wordplay with an intense delivery, and highlights an outstanding production. Each verse is carefully crafted to have you on your edge of your seat during the duration of the track.

“Know Me” ft. Max Ferrari, is draped in luscious melodic passages, and a mid-tempo, shimmery and twinkling beat. The song creates and succeeds in bringing a unique feel and different approach from the previous cut. This quickly shows off the diversity JezzyMan is able to bring to the table in the blink of an eye.

Things get even groovier and smoother on the spacey “Chaser”, where JezzyMan employs a breathless nonstop delivery that runs forth in an endless stream of consciousness. Not only does this elevate the entire song but it creates a whole new atmosphere that will easily have you on your feet paying attention.

“That Field” has all the ear-warming elements of a mainstream pop song ready to gatecrash the charts. The beat holds a steady, sustained momentum, while the melody is infectiously insistent.  JezzyMan clutches the reigns of the song tightly, infusing just the right amount of tension and release for you to hit replay.

“Middle (Freestyle)” brings all the energy of his delivery and JezzyMan kills it. His flow is more abrasive and just as intoxicating as he freely glides over the production. He stays in the hard-hitting lane with the gritty and dark “Bop!”. JezzyMan is clearly confident in himself and sounds menacing and great throughout the track.

This brings us to the soulful title track, “Bloody Roar”. The song is indicative of both the creative position that JezzyMan is currently in, but also to the top tier of music quality that is matched by his lyrical abilities. JezzyMan has an ability to handpick phrases and attach them to his situations that really give him an expert-level of control over his narratives.

“High n Low” ft. Biiancarosee & Flytrell, is an absolute standout track, awash with melody and multi-layered harmonies in an almost free-form context. This is not your common garden variety of hip-hop, and flourishes way outside the genres borders. Regardless of its stylistic detour, no one can ever dispute the excellent execution of this work.

On “Work (Freestyle)”, Jezzyman gets back to the rapping grindstone, unfolding an abrasive and gritty flow. He flows effortlessly on this beat, and he sounds at ease while doing it. The album closer, “Someone Else” is a modern off the wall banger with an underground alternative feeling to it.

Jezzyman’s rapping patterns and melodic flows on this song are strong and addictive. All throughout the album, “Bloody Roar”, Jezzyman has succeeded at creating the mood and climate he wanted to present to fans. He proves that he can sound great in any kind of hip-hop, and is one of the top in the underground game.

Instagram: @jezzymanwins

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