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JAMON has crafted a meaningful EP with skillful wordplay and hot beats

JAMON was originally known for being a third of rap trio Da Block. He started his rap career in November of 2011 when Da Block released their first mixtape entitled “The Ride Home”. Since the release of the mixtape, Da Block has been traveling and performing with artists such as The Game, DJ Quik, YG, Big Sean, Cataracs, Kid Ink, Suga Free, Faith Evans, Mann, Mickey Avalon, Travis Porter, El Debarge, Warren G, and many more.

Jamon Saletai Kimball
Jamon Saletai Kimball

Born Jamon Saletai Kimball on October 29, 1990 in Oceanside, California, when JAMON was two years old, his family moved to Hawaii where he was raised. His father was arrested in 1999 and now serves 25 to life in prison. In 2000 JAMON moved back to California where he attended and graduated from El Camino High School in 2009. He credits Jay-Z’s The Blueprint as his first time listening to rap music but didn’t start writing until 2011.  JAMON is currently sponsored by Body Art Bus, the only fully licensed mobile tattoo studio in California and managed by Joey Chavez.

JAMON is one of the most interesting and talented young rappers to come along and you better believe the hype. It’s not unwarranted though since JAMON has the talent and the songs to back up his hype. The “JAMON EP” gives fans a chance to own a copy of one of the most enjoyable Rap and Hiphop Ep’s released in the past few months.

While JAMON does have a healthy dose of banger-worthy tracks in his catalog, there are a good number of slow songs on the “JAMON EP” where he shines with his depth of lyrics and impressively metered flow. Those that easily grabbed my attention are Momma’s Boy Ft. Cheefie Cheef (Prod. By Scarecrow Beats), Thank You (Prod. By Mr. Kooman) and Letters To A.K. (Prod. by Jamon).

jamon-400cartoonAnother great high point of this EP, is easily the production. JAMON consistently shows that he has good taste in the beats that he uses, and after having heard the “JAMON EP” a few times now, I can’t find one that I don’t like. Each one seems to be handcrafted to fit JAMON, his style of writing, and crystallizes the feel of the song. Also, the features are all well done. Clearly the standout tracks on the Ep are,  Good Ol’ Days Ft. Lil Hitt (Prod. By Juan C. Rios),  Stars Tonight Ft. Joshua Sharpe (Prod. By Mr. Kooman) and #AfakasiRaps (Prod. by The Roots). All-round though, you’ve got a mix of songs that you can just lay back, listen and relax to, while JAMON lays down his rhymes.

Hiphop and rap in particular, has been the canvas, brushes and paint used by many artists to relay their thoughts and state of mind. But at some point in time, those same brushes, paint and canvasses became more important than the pictures they needed to draw. Not so for JAMON. Sure, he has crafted a collection of songs that is for the listener who appreciates skillful wordplay and the hottest sounding organically-driven beats to ride out to. But at the same time he is directing his personal thoughts and state of mind, while colorfully painting his lyrical pictures.

This guy has so much love for music and life that it transpires through his tracks. He makes you look past the mere mechanics of hip hop and takes you to the heart the music he makes. JAMON is smart, witty and a more talented emcee than almost anyone of the new Hip-hop brigade putting out albums right now!








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