Inches From Sin – “Lying To Us” ft. Natalie Jean – Features a foreboding message of Earth’s destruction

The multi-genre group, Inches From Sin, recently released their single called “Lying To Us”, featuring the award winning songstress Natalie Jean. The group is made up of musician, composer, and producer, Robert Brewer, who brings along his baggage of experience which includes sharing the stage with Edgar Winter, Steppenwolf, April Wine and Dan Aykroyd of Blues Brothers fame. With a degree in Opera from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, Robert has spent more than four decades in the music business. Composer and musician, Karen Holloway Brewer is a multi-instrumentalist. Starting with the flute, piano and then Bassoon, Karen now showcases her vocals and keyboard skills in Inches From Sin.

The catchy single, “Lying To Us”, features a foreboding message warning us of Earth’s destruction, and indicts most of humankind as walking the plank towards self-destruction, and lying about it. It’s a fact that the environment is merely ours to borrow until we pass it on down to the next generation.

We have to preserve the air, forests, and the oceans so that our children can enjoy them. Some people are working hard to achieve just that, while others really don’t care, and even worse, pretend that they do, while allowing poisoned air, oil spills and radiation, among many other atrocities.

“Everyone’s crying, at least we are trying. Some of them are talking. Marches are walking. I said no, let’s not be fools, again (x2). Mother Earth she is dying. Some of us are crying. The rest of them are lying. And some of us are trying…” Inches From Sin make both the warning and the appeal clear in these lyrics.

The song creates urgency around taking action and encourages us to wake up and do something now. Melodically the song is on point, with Inches From Sin delivering sweeping vocals and harmony. Natalie Jean embellishes the track with her soulful counter melodies as she interacts in an almost call-and-response way with the lead vocals.

Most music has other interests in mind than championing causes, but in among the welter of self-obsessive navel-gazing, hedonism and despondent odes to lost love there is still a seam of eco-conscious music being made, and Inches From Sin together with Natalie Jean, present themselves nobly on that list with “Lying To Us”.

There can be no doubt, every serious movement needs music. Music gets voices heard, almost better than any other form of communication. Songs about ecology, nature and the environment, done with the thoughtfulness and artistic finesse shown by Inches From Sin and Natalie Jean, cuts right across musical genres and deep into the heart of the matter.

“Lying To Us” leaves the listener with the mindset to take action and recognize the importance of the issue at hand. The need for environmental action is an urgent one.


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