Harmony Drive: “Metal Heads With Broken Hearts” – soulful acoustic-driven music full of heart and honesty

Norwegian alternative pop band, Harmony Drive, was formed by 3 metal heads who shared the same love for acoustic music. The band’s debut album “Metal Heads With Broken Hearts” was released to critical acclaim in the home country before receiving high rotation on American radio stations and reaching number 11 on Philippine radio charts without being released there. This success allowed Harmony Drive to tour both the US and the Philippines, while promoting their new single “Something’s Wrong”, which is about to be released in the US and Mexico 01.09.2016.

Harmony-Drive-CoverThe album and single was recorded with help from drummer Dave Elitch (the Mars Volta, Antemasque, Juliette Lewis) and legendary producer Richard J Veltrop (Rage Against The Machine, Tom Petty, Ozzy, Savoy, Macy Gray).

With so much music circulating in the industry right now, you could imagine there is a lot you haven’t heard. Harmony Drive is one of those bands that probably don’t get the credit they deserve. They have established a unique and original acoustic and electric sound, and with such a display of musicianship, it’s hard to imagine why they aren’t being talked about by everyone.

The “Metal Heads With Broken Hearts” album is by far, one of the best of its kind to come out of the industry in a while. It brings a blend of many aspects of music such as acoustic and electric, rock, folk and even a sense of pop.

From the first track, which is also the lead single, “Something’s Wrong”, to the last, which is actually entitled, “The Last Song”, it is a road less traveled to those who choose to listen to the popular music currently dominating record sales.

Such tracks as “Do You Know”, “Remember”, “Chan” and “The Last Song” give us an explosive look at Lars Erik Scjerpen’s unchained melodic vocals and Andre’ Myhren’s adrenaline injecting guitar progressions. While holding down the rhythmic backbone with smooth but just as intense lines is Vidar Braun on bass.

Harmony-Drive-LiveOther deep emotional cuts like “I Owe You That” and “Deserted” make you wonder how Harmony Drive comes up with this raw, soulful acoustic-driven music full of heart and honesty.

This album takes you into a dreamlike state of mind and cannot be described in a mere review and give you the whole picture; you have to listen to it yourself. And that’s the key. Listen and open your heart and you just might find something you never thought was there. You’ll soon realize that there is a lot of music out there that doesn’t get the respect it so rightfully deserves.

Harmony Drive has managed to blend and mold several melodic influences well on this album. Combined with stellar song writing and a vocal delivery that enables the listener to really understand what is being said, the Norwegian natives have put out a recording that really hits home both lyrically and musically.

Solid musicianship, tight harmonies and a unique sound combine on “Metal Heads With Broken Hearts”, to make Harmony Drive a real treat for the listener weary of much that appears on the radio today.


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