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GTK: “Letters To The Devil” – Perfectly manicured and showing a high level of integrity

GTK is a 19 year old who lives in Calhoun, Georgia and his minority doesn’t phase him from chasing his dreams. GTK produces various genres of music including both Hip-hop and R&B. Music is his hobby for now and isn’t an actual “job” but he is willing to be loyal to his music-career by making something out of the thoughts and impressions of his everyday life.

“Letters To The Devil” the latest track by GTK is both reverential as well as super modern musically. GTK hasn’t hopped onto the bandwagon of rap trends like having a girl sing the chorus hooks or making a dance beat. Having said that,  GTK is also not stuck in the past. His beat on this track is clean yet with subtle sound touches that really elevate it.

Lyrically GTK is a superlative. He is introspective and thoughtful, and not afraid to be vulnerable and honest in the questioning of his choices and his daily struggles. “Letters To The Devil” is especially poignant as he discusses existential issues and ties that back in with his own personal and family history.

This track is personal and really pushes the boundaries of what old school rap artists might sound like if they were making music today. It’s not a throwback to the past, but a further evolution of rap music. It’s modern rap in the very best way possible.

GTK’s rapping style on “Letters To The Devil” is perfectly manicured and showing a high level of integrity, it’s not trashy or degrading but speaking in a smart mannerism to the prose. His flow is laidback, yet determined, without ever being pushy or preachy.

“Letters To The Devil” reveals itself to be very refreshing. GTK’s lyrical ability places him among the up and coming elites in the industry, as he delivers content heavy material over a creative beat that takes you on a personal story telling journey.

“Letters To The Devil” has everything you could ask for in a hip hop song: strong messages, excellent lyricism, great production, authenticity, vulnerability and a focused concept. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that for what it is: no matter how young or inexperienced the creator may appear to be, this is quality hip hop!





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