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GO OUT, DO SOMETHING aka GODS Display an Irresistible Knack for Hooky Tracks

GO OUT, DO SOMETHING or GODS is a self-produced Rap/Alternative and R&B duo from Portland, Oregon consisting of Dylan James and Caleb Matson. Dylan makes all of the beats, sings and raps on the self-titled demo EP, while Caleb sings, raps and occasionally plays piano. Both multi-instrumental talents have just reached 22 years of age and have extensive backgrounds in music, including having played in metal bands. Their current EP release is being used as demo material, while the duo seeks a compatible and professional management and production team.

The analog and electro-powered grooves of this writing, performing and production team, display an irresistible knack for hooky tracks smothered in a fusion or Hiphop, R&B and Alternative Pop arrangements.

Dylan and Caleb Chad managed to bridge the now disparate worlds of Pop/R&B and Alternative Pop into a blessed union of sound. As a music lover who appreciates all forms of music, I cannot bestow enough praise on this self-titled demo EP.

For a debut disc ,this Ep is particularly interesting. With each spin, you will hear things you didn’t hear before: syncopated snares carefully placed at certain points in a song, subtle improvised piano in the background, thick basses that bubble up intermittently throughout certain tracks, spacy sound effects that speak in response to the vocals, and countless other details. The more your ears adapt to the innovative, carefully orchestrated GODS sounds, the more this EP will become your own.

Don’t search for committed political or social commentary. These songs are an expression of their young lives and their personal experiences as translated through music. Whether professing their love to a girl, being bold, daring and sexual or just having fun. They just lay it out on the table, without beating about the bush!

Their songs are choc-full of snappy, cool lyrics set to catchy, drum-heavy beats that seem to draw from all genres of music. The song titles are indicative of GODS straight off the cuff, direct approach: “TheWeakend”, “LEMMENO”, “I Got This Feeling”, “SayYouWill (feat. D’Mello)” and “INOUCME”.

Simply put, GODS deliver amazing beats (always), mellow rhythms (at times), catchy rhythms (in between), plus great soulful vocals and intense rap flows. Their first effort turns out to be their best!

GO OUT, DO SOMETHING fuse numerous styles while retaining some of the best qualities of all of these styles. The EP is extremely listenable, evidencing their ability to blend musical styles in a seamless and contagious way that may tear down barriers between Pop/R&B and Alternative Pop, and play very well across most markets and preferences.

While GODS attend the arrival of a professional crew, able to take them to the next level, you go download this!






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