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Giuseppe Rotunno: “Aequilibrium” – a Gargantuan Slice of Mystical Progressive Rock!

In May, Giuseppe Rotunno released his debut single, Aequilibrium, which has had good success. It was put on air by Stafford Radio (“The prog mill”), Rocker’s Dive Radio, Radio Flote and Progalley; it is part of the “Progstravaganza XIX compilation of awesomeness” and has been reviewed by Over Rinco Ennema (Progpraat Muziek Magazine) and Roland Monger (Listen with Monger) which described Giuseppe as en “electro-prog pioneer”.

Intense, ethereal, voluminous, harsh and ruggedly symphonic, “ Aequilibrium “, is a gargantuan slice of mystical progressive rock. In atmosphere, this epic single features wall-to-wall synths, luscious piano, Hollywood styled horns, organically dreamy acoustic guitar and overall explosive volatility.

Great artists have a sense of inevitability about them – you can feel secure that you won’t be let down when you enter their artistic space. Giuseppe Rotunno’s  single, “Aequilibrium “, is the epitome of classic, English Prog Rock, which goes back more than forty years now.

The reason this music holds up so well is that Rotunno achieves a perfect confluence of talent, opportunity, and technique, just like the masters before him did. He produces a musical form that introduces and then explores themes and variations, returning in the last movement to the main theme. This structure gives the work a unity that is common to great Prog Rock epics.

It is obvious that Giuseppe Rotunno is in need of a full-length album, to fully expand and translate his creativity into a cohesive work of musical art. But in the meantime “ Aequilibrium ” gives us a concrete prelude  to his potential  capabilities as a seriously intentioned, progressive rock musician. This single is a testament to what is possible when an artist respects himself enough to shape music that moves the heart and stimulates the mind!

About Giuseppe Rotunno:

Giuseppe Rotunno started playing piano at school at the age of six. His music teacher (and pianist) realized he had talent, and gave him private classical piano lessons for eight years. Although he was achieving good results, Giuseppe felt (erroneously) classical music was not his musical genre, so he stopped playing piano and started learning how to play guitar as an autodidact.

In this period he moved close to rock, but his “classical vein” kept reemerging until he listened to “Firth of Fifth” by Genesis, and fell in love with progressive rock. Genesis, ELP, King Crimson, Rush, Dream Theatre, Elton John, Gentle Giant, Kansas became his preferred bands, and gave him a lot of inspiration.

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