GetmoneyGov: “I Got Work” ft. Young Tay – clarity and cleverness!

The new single, “I Got Work”, by GetmoneyGov aka Governor Brown features Young Tay is distributed through E1 Media Enterprises and is now available from ITunes, Tidal and all other leading digital download platforms. The Harlem, New York based artist, who first gained attention for his release “Once Again,” has since been steadily building his professional profile into national and international status, with a specific emphasis on the UK. Considering that GetmoneyGov is still an underground artist that has yet to perform outside of the USA borders, that’s a significant achievement.

GetmoneyGov ft. Young Tay
GetmoneyGov ft. Young Tay

“I Got Work” produced by Gosillabeats is an essential listen for true rap fans. Yes, GetmoneyGov explores the usual rap trappings (clothes, bank rolls and ho’s, etc.). What separates this work from most the rest of the cookie-cutter rappers out there is that GetmoneyGov writes with intelligence, style and wit.

His lyrics are what separate this album from the rest of the heap – he expresses himself with the clarity and cleverness more typically found in a classic songwriter. The beat behind the lyrics compliments the lyrical material perfectly and is a refreshing break from the played-out straight R&B/West Coast sound.

GetmoneyGov uses humor, intelligence and vivid imagery subtlety and lets the listener fill in the gaps. This is a refreshing departure from the Top 40-driven rap/hip hop scene predominant today. It’s rap that you won’t feel embarrassed to listen to real loud.

He’s got a crystal clear approach and don’t be fooled by the subject matter the guy is smart, strong, and better than most else out there. GetmoneyGov has a way of mixing everything together, making every line new, and always making sense. He is a guy who says something, not that everything has a point, but that ‘everything’ has a story.

And a story is an essential element to a rap song – as far as I’m concerned – if you want to draw and hold people’s attention over and above impactful language and a killer beat. GetmoneyGov pays attention to these elements and keeps blending the formula into his songs, as he does on “I Got Work” featuring Young Tay.


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