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F.L.Y. WILL has proved himself in “The Substance Prefix” Mixtape!

Influenced by fellow artists such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Busta Rhymes, F.L.Y. Will sets out to develop his own sound and style, as showcased throughout his latest mixtape, “The Substance Prefix”. We first caught up with F.L.Y. WILL a few months back on his single, “Blue Cinema”. His lyrical ability on it, placed him among the elites in the indie rap industry.  F.L.Y. WILL delivered content heavy material over a creative beat that took you on a story telling journey. Dubbed as “New Orleans Rap God” F.L.Y. WILL now delivers us the “The Substance Prefix” mixtape hosted by legendary DJ Fresh2Def.

F.L.Y. WILL brings lyricism, flow and charisma in his this mixtape. In the era of untalented clones and sound-a-likes, F.L.Y. WILL brings originality and substance. If you’ve become disenchanted with the modern hip-hop scene this album should quench your thirst for quality hip-hop.

The mixtape starts out strong with “No New One”, a heavy-footed track, featuring a mix of cocky braggadocios, explicit rhymes, and some introspection; a perfect embodiment of F.L.Y. WILL as an artist. A personal favorite “Sherane (Poison, Danger)” features a phenomenal bassline and gliding understated melody, punctuated by F.L.Y.’s sexual raps a loose woman.

Another personal favorite is “New Orleans Rap GOD” delivers a powerful sermon about the importance of being F.L.Y. WILL and being comfortable in your own skin no matter what, on top of a smooth, slow-burning bass and drum infused instrumental.

I can truly say there’s not a single song on this mixtape that I’d label as “filler”. I can listen to “The Substance Prefix” from being to end without considering skipping a a single song. There are many themes and metaphors that string together from song to song and even the few interludes in between songs, fit in with the overall theme of the album.

If you thought that F.L.Y. WILL would have had a hard time following up “Blue Cinema”, don’t, his skill level surpasses most of the genre here. When you listen to F.L.Y. WILL, you know he delivers really deep lyrics (sometimes maybe too explicit but that’s  personal taste), talks about relationships, has solid beats and musical sophistication. The fact that he can incorporate so many different aspects into his mixtape is amazing.

F.L.Y. WILL has proved himself in “The Substance Prefix”, providing musical entertainment for every type of hiphop fan. What can I say other than I was pleasantly surprised after listening to this mixtape. F.L.Y. WILL stepped up his game on the ten tracks presented on the mixtape, and came out tops on this one!

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