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‘Endiablado’ -WITKO Is Not Afraid To Rock the Show and Let It All Hang Out!

Witko, whose real name is Emilio José Ponce Ponce, began in the world of music as a singer of Karih-Katura, a Spanish rock band. After a career of 12 years and two albums, “Mientras nos sobre corazón” and “Noches de mil despertares”, they decided to disband. Emilio decided to continue alone with the difficult art of creating songs. So the solo project of Witko was born with the sole intention of pushing through musical projects, from the roots of rock, but without losing the chance to flirt with strange bedfellows.

His influences are heterogeneous and disparate, coming mainly from Spanish urban rock, American and British rock and Britpop, plus flirtations with other trends. Emilio has enjoyed listening to bands like The Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Mötley Crüe, Guns N´Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Héroes del Silencio, Barricada, Rosendo, Little Angels, Aerosmith, Queen, AC/DC, and the others great bands of the 70´s, 80´s and 90´s.

Witko’s humility is born from the healthy habit of wanting to learn something new every day. He does not know where this journey will take him, or how long it will continue, he only promises work, perseverance and enthusiasm, and a desire to take the music to as many people as possible.

His first contribution was a  4 track Ep called “Adicciones”, a self-made production to begin and declare his intentions. In October 2012 he released his first studio album, Un hombre camina solo, a rock record without frills. Produced, recorded and mixed by Roger Garcia, in the RPM studios in Valencia and featuring collaborations by Asensio Ros “Wally” on drum , Eloy Ibáñez playing some guitars solos and Natxo Sánchez on the Hammond.

The album has been mastered by José Triay at North West Mastering Studios of A Coruña. In February of 2014 Witko released Endiablado, a double-sided rock single backed by Arde el fuego.

I realize that I’m operating at a disadvantage in reviewing this single. I don’t speak Spanish and I haven’t followed Witko throughout his career. I’m just a late-arriving fan who appreciates good music whatever its country of origin. Nevertheless, I was blown away by Witko’s sound: its harmony, arrangement, and emotion.

I’m not sure about the meaning of the lyrics (though I think the title Endiablado means Devilish or Diabolical), but this, together with the music, floods one’s veins with passion, fire and excitement.

This single has everything longtime rock n’ roll fans love about the genre; loud riffing guitars, distinct vocals and driving rhythms. If you are tired of the pitiful rock bands of today, then plug this in to your player, sit back and rock the night away. A musical adventure and pure rock and roll style that few of today’s ‘manufactured’ rock bands can manage.

 Witko is the real deal. A real rock and roll band that is not afraid to rock the show and let it all hang out. With Witko, rock is fun, and without the self-pitying attitudes of the new age rock bands. This is pure rock and roll, it’s that simple!

The double-sided single was produced, recorded and mixed by Roger Garcia at RPM Studios, Valencia, and mastered by Jose Triay at North West Mastering, A Coruña. On the single, Witko collaborates with Asensio Ros “Wally” (Doctor Divago), who took charge of the drums and percussion, while Eloy Ibanez handled guitar solos and arrangements.


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