Duncan Burnett: R.I.O.T. (Realize It’s Our Time) embodies a new element of hip hop that is much needed

Duncan Burnett
Duncan Burnett

Duncan Burnett is a talented artist, musician and producer. Duncan got his start in music very early in life by being introduced to the drums. Always a stickler for perfection Duncan is continuing to master his craft and has extended his reach into Hip Hop.  With limited recognition Duncan continues to work hard and strive for greater things for himself and his loved ones. Ever since laying a finger on the mic all Duncan wanted to do was perform in front of millions. Money never being the objective Duncan aims to make a positive impact in the hearts and minds of our generation’s youth.

A few months ago Duncan Burnett dropped his 6-track Ep, titled R.I.O.T. (Realize It’s Our Time). And I’m here to tell you that Burnett has definitely delivered. This EP is everything a fan of hip hop and rap could want. This album is different sonically as well. The tracks are sequenced into 6 parts to give the listener a feeling of different chapters of a story being told, and succeeds in creating an intense atmosphere that is unmatched.

The feeling is raw, deep and unique -sometimes rocking, sometimes soulful but always grooving. Duncan Burnett drops lyrics for the mind about life, feelings, emotions etc. that most people can relate to. Burnett combines a unique flow and delivery that works extremely well.

Duncan Burnett - Colt Coan Photography
Duncan Burnett – Colt Coan Photography

R.I.O.T. (Realize It’s Our Time) is a crowning achievement and one of the best debuts in recent memory. Burnett combines so many elements from different music genres that no other Hip hop artist sounds like him.  As broad as the hip-hop genre has grown, this Ep breaks the mold, making it tough to compare this to anything else.

Duncan Burnett embodies a new element of hip hop that is much needed. The beats are clean and deep, and extremely well produced. Just listen to the quality on “Addict”, “One Shot” or “Success (ft. Bo Boogy)”.  His amazing production work, hints to an artist searching for a new dimension in Hip hop.

What I also appreciate is the pure honesty of Burnett’s lyrics. He invites the listener into his world, expressing his thoughts and vulnerabilities. With so much Hip hop out there just a retread of what went before, Duncan Burnett delivers an Ep that’s very interesting, exciting and delightful to listen to. If this is what hip hop is evolving into then maybe there’s some hope for it.

Listen to R.I.O.T. (Realize It’s Our Time), and listen to someone changing the game unlike anyone has before!


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